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rom [ROM] Dirty Unicorns v10.2 Oficjalny 6.0.1 {Angler} (05/05/16)


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[ROM] Dirty Unicorns v10.2 Official 6.0.1 {Angler} (05/05/16)








Wersja 10.2 -





Źródła kernela:



Instrukcja flaszowania:


- Upewnij się, że jesteś na najnowszym TWRP

- Wykonaj FULL WIPE jak opisano poniżej jeśli przechodzisz z innego ROMu lub innej wersji Androida
(full wipe czyli wipe system/data/cache)

- Flasz najnowszej wersji ROMu

- Flasz zalecanych GAPPS

- Restart i miłej zabawy!!



Change Log:



Version 10.2

- Update to Android 6.0.1_r43

- New and improved DU changelog app

- Show more accurate internal storage capacity

- Allow screen recording to record up to one hour

- Allow screen recording in landscape

- Replace hamburger menu icons with horizontal ellipsis

- Allow system_app access to setenforce

- Fix font changes for clocks

- Fix notification LED NPE

- Add in-app search bindable actions and resources

- Fix recents passing through Google search bar

- Fix off-center date on lockscreen when no alarm is set

- Fix hotspot client AP count

- Fix InCallUI contact image position

- Add SMS/MMS limitation feature

- Enable turn on data when MMS received feature

- Update Chromium to LKGR

- Use circular reveal for showing/hiding task manager panel

- Update SmartBar editor popup menu logic and animation refresh

- Update OmniSwitch

- Show the option for 'Show running apps' for AOSP recents

- Re-center lockscreen notifs

- Add a carrier config for default value of WFC user setting

- Allow Smartbar to unlock recent apps button and make it removable

- Fling: Up swipe left/right support

- Enable quick pulldown for all

- Add a check to see whether the wallpaper's size has changed

- Point Ambient display tile longpress action to it's own settings

- Various CMTE fixes

- Various optimizations and fixes

- Updated translations

For detailed change log, check,n,z

Version 10.1

- Update to Android 6.0.1_r24

- Add Torch to Power Menu

- Adjust Themes tile

- Messaging: QuickReply

- Phone: Call blacklisting

- Custom Ambient Display options

- Add Caffeine QS tile

- Fix volume key music control seeking while ambient display is enabled

- Restore animations back to stock values

- Materialize SIM Toolkit icon

- SmartBar: Fixes across the board

- Fix the duplicate value in expanded download field

- Add custom shadow on header image

- OmniSwitch: Add basic multiwindow support

- Switch to OpenWeather for lockscreen and header weather

- Compile theme apps in the background

- Fix weather items NPE while casting

- Show volume panel tile in QS

- Update SuperSU to 2.71

- Add Heads Up button to the extended statusbar

- Centerize the empty view for WiFi and BT tiles

- Add Heads Up Timeout option

- Remove color picker options

- Fix annoying black statusbar and navbar issue

- Organize Dirty Tweaks more to make things streamlined

- Optimizations and bug fixes

- CMTE fixes and updates

- Updated translations

For detailed change log, check,n,z

Version 10.0 

- Initial Release of M

For a detailed change log, check,n,z





Dirty Unicorns | Fling



Dirty Unicorns | SmartBar



Dirty Unicorns | Pulse

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