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  1. Youtube Vanced is a modded version of official youtube and the most popular version that has been uplifted with the features such as ad-free, background video playback, dark themes and much more. So if you are looking for Ad-free Youtube experience, youtube vanced may be the perfect app for you. Also, this application retains the ability to still sign into your youtube account and do whatever which was possible from the official app. You have three different ways to install youtube vanced into rooted, non-rooted devices and also via the magisk application. Initially, the app was known as iYTBP developed by XDA member master T and lately it was taken and renamed as youtube vanced by another group of developers. Ho ever the developers had injected all the previous features and new more features to youtube vanced apk. (3)New Pipe Is also one of the best alternatives which you can try even without the Google play services as this application only uses the youtube website to gain information on what it needs. This application allows you to force videos plays videos as per your preference quality and also use the built-in picture-in-picture mode which is quite a handy feature in times you want to watch a video and simultaneously want to perform another task. Also, the app is ad-free same as youtube vanced and let you download or watch videos in the background even if your device screen is off. (2) Fire Tube Another alternative for the youtube but this app is great for the users who wish to minimize mobile data consumption via only listening to youtube audio without the video. It can state this is a great Android App but not available on the Google Play store. So you have to download and install it manually. (3) ITube This was primarily made for the users who love play music via youtube. So a good alternative for the music listeners. However, still, it plays the videos but not in quality as the Youtube or the interface of other alternatives mentioned above. This application let you play any of the existing playlists or add your own list. As mentioned above this is primarily created for those who love music much and lyrics of the each and every song. Finally, Hope that his will helpful for you if you were looking for youtube vanced alternative. Now you have the chance to try the above-stated alternative according to your preferences.