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  1. -Na podstawie Android 2.3.6 XWKT7 -EXT4/Rfs (EXT4 domyślnie) -CF-Root 3,7 B82 -ClockWorkMod 4 -Engengis.Charlie -Pełne wsparcie BLN -Deodexed + zipaligned -Apps2sd -Wsparcie dla cifs i tun -Super User 3.0.7 -BusyBox 1.19.3 + wget wsparcie -APN -Klawiatura GB -GingerReal Animacja Startowa Uwaga: wszystkie dane zostaną usunięte 1. Flash telefonu KPH / KPN 2. Flash ClockWorkMod Recovery 3. Pobierz najnowszą wersję i umieścić ją na swojej karcie SD 4. Wchodzimy do CWM 5. wybierz "install zip z sdcard" 6. wybrać "wybierz zip z sd" 7. wybierz 8. reboot Aktualizacji, ROM 1. Pobierz najnowszą wersję i umieścić ją na swojej karcie SD 2. Uruchomić CWM 3. wybierz "install zip z sdcard" 4. wybrać "wybierz zip z sd" 5. wybierz 6. Reboot Bases: (Will all wipe) GingerReal-2.0-XWKT7 TWapps-XWKT7-GR-2.0 << flash to get samsung apps back WGRYWASZ NA WŁASNĄ ODPOWIEDZIALNOŚĆ!!!!
  2. Witam, kolejna wersja romu MIUI od Galneta znany z SGS1 Link do wątku: GalnetMIUI ICS Development Build 1.11.2 (i9100) - Downloads - GalnetMIUI - MIUIScotland - Support Forums Link do ICS Galnet MIUI 1.11.7: CHANGELOG: Network Modifications: Improved Signal Strength over all supported devices Fixes to prevent "No Service Bug" on certain I9100 handsets Added a script to flash K14 modem on I9100 Correct management of 3G and 2G selections ( Error being on certain models that it wouldn’t work perviously ) Framework Modifications: Correct management of ICS framework requirements Fixed occastions where Android Process would crash (required reboot to resolve) Power management fully implemented from ICS Repair to Sensor management in Debug mode UI Improvements Improved 3D support throughout rom (All Devices) Correct issues where lockscreen clock would randomly freeze (Defy) Improved camera response (Shutter) speeds 4 Way Reboot Included Link do romu GalnetMIUI 1.11.4: CHANGELOG: GALNET MODS: Improved framework System UI Tweaks MIUI Default Theme now included as standard Maxthon Browser updated to 2.3.3 Other quick fixes CHINA 1.11.4 - Recommended updates: System: Fix sound problems with HD2 libaudio reducing sonic-boom effect problem Updated Galaxy S2 kernel for better optimization / performance Optimization for LG P990 kernel Desktop: Fix problems with the Sim Toolkit icon overlapping with other items Themes: Optimization of the application, new font based themes will be prompted to restart phone Fix problems setting ringtones through the system causing problems with FCs Camera: Optimization I9000, T959, I897 support Contact Focus Fix some issues with Camera silence when taking photos Gallery: Optimization of video thumbnail loading speed Fix in some cases third-party applications choosing to open via gallery for images causes FC Fix in some cases when clearing gallery thumbnail cache, the cache is not cleared Fix problem where gif animations are not loaded with the animation Music: Optimization of WMA, APE encoding formats Fix problem with file names containing punctuation, audio files unable to be played back Backup: Added support to backup local MMS Fix online backup wifi settings failure in some cases Settings: Search optimization settings, support for partial matched keyword searches Removal of LED settings for Samsung models because these models do not have the LED function Browser: Optimization of the default navigation pane layout, optimization of switching screen orientation to give more usable screen space Optimization to significantly improve page zoom fluency Update Manager: Automatically sign copy ranking optimization, and better support for multi-language display. Other: Fix micro-channel audio card issues Link do GalnetMIUI ICS Development Build 1.11.2 (i9100): GalnetMIUI - MIUIScotland - Support Forums CHANGELOG: - Brand new Framework (Android 4.0 Merged) - Fixes to MUTE/NONE for notifications etc fixed - Fixes to theme issues (FC's reported on some installs) - Speed Improvements including Ram and CPU management - FM Radio Corrected frequency issues - Camera Issues (Low light etc Resolved and Auto Focus) - Additional Fixes - All apps now work correctly - New Android Market version 3.3.11 included THIS IS CURRENTLY A DEVELOPMENT BUILD!!!! PLEASE EXPECT THERE TO BE ISSUES WITH THE ROM!!!! Link do romu Glanet MIUI 1.10.28: CHANGELOG: GALNET MODS: Repaired a few issues regarding installation of apps (TweetDeck etc) Known issue (Selecting NONE for notification causes FC in Settings (MIUI Issue) Other tweaks etc. CHINA 1.10.28 - Recommended updates: System: Optimise the DHD, Desire Z, Desire S and Incredible S calling, ringtones, system issues with low volume Wi-Fi performance optimisation for Motorola Defy Fix DHD, Desire Z, Desire S and Incredible S models cannot use micro-channel audio Fix DHD, Desire Z, Desire S and Incredible S models sound card related issues Fix DHD, Desire Z, Desire S and Incredible S models non-radio interface to adjust sound, mute system problems Phone: Fix problems with incoming call sound cannot be heard Fix DHD, Desire Z, Desire S and Incredible S models problems with headset audio during calls Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications: Unlock the lockscreen fix, lockscreen does not show the correct details Themes: Added support for searching online themes Fix in some cases the tone is not correctly applied or not applied at all Fix problems after wiping data, ringtones are displayed in the incorrect order Fix unstable network, listening to online audio playback (previews), error status problems Settings: Fix problems with system setup and use of the search system, entering a search without any keyword causes some issues FM Radio: Fix Motorola Defy FM radio volume instability Link do romu Glanet MIUI 1.10.22: CHANGELOG: I9100 (1.10.22 CHANGE LOG) Camcorder Working Improved Signal Issues Additional Framework Tweaks Correct Build.prop issues FM Radio Support CHINA 1.10.21 - Recommended updates: Added support for WMA and APE music formats. Improved handling of returning to call from other applications. Major improvements to the gallery application System: Optimisation of the compatibility mode, use the drop-down list within a page, black and white Optimisation of the layout of the text pop-up windows New, applications installed for the first time which require network services will display pop-up user agreement and disclaimer Integration of new Android 2.3.7 code base I9000 sense vibration feedback optimisation, two-stage vibration feedback support for soft-keys Fix phone connected to the wireless network, wireless router DHCP expired when set to “unlimited” option, the phone cannot establish DHCP to network Fix open “shared mobile network” the access device cannot display certain websites (MI-ONE only) Fix Incredible S, DHD and DesireZ models use micro-channel audio software problems with card Phone: Added support for custom number attribution (area code, location and group numbers) New non-call interface improvements to make returning to calls easier, press the green bar at the top of the screen to return to call Optimisation of third-party rights management system (The authority is divided into two parts, a: call, b: the call monitoring) The call state is enabled by default. Optimisation before the recording ban call is connected Fix in some cases after the first call is received after flashing new update, the soft-keyboard input cannot be closed Messaging: Optimized when adding messages into Favorites, you may click to return to the original conversation to view the context Full optimisation of sending and receiving SMS / MMS Fix FC problems when setting the SMS centre number Lockscreen, Status bar and notifications: Lockscreen themes now allow to define new text width Fix phone lock screen mi-one delayed sound problems Themes: Added support to batch replace system sounds via themes Camera: Added option to restore default settings for camera application (See Settings in Camera app) Optimisation of video length time, now supports 2 hours instead of 30 minutes Gallery: Optimisation of automatically restoring the last backup items New option to clear thumbnail cache Added support for viewing MMS and other items in the gif viewer Optimisation of the overall browsing speed (including opening the camera into the gallery application, gallery page toggles to switch albums and thumbnail loading speed, full screen and high-definition image views (full screen)) Optimisation of full-screen map definitions and thumbnail views Double-click to zoom optimised for better experience of use Changing directory, optimisation of image loading Optimisation of ‘click to enlarge’ in video playback Fix system automatically rotate off, watching videos will automatically rotate regardless of system setting being switched off Fix direction problems when rotating a picture / thumbnail view Fix video preview size and the video itself does not match the resolution correctly Fix in some cases cannot display thumbnail or full screen images In some cases fix for deleting images or videos, the gallery is not updating the list correctly Fix to delete the last photo album is displayed after “pictures failed to open” Fix properties of the recorded video display a length of “0″ Fix the SD card tab, the directory number to be included in the summary video / image number, no separate identification of the two. Fixed creation time error in image details Fix multi-select picture batch operation state is not cleared correctly Music: Added support for WMA and APE music formats (LG P990 not supported for APE format) Fix problems with online music cannot be played back on HD2 model Fix garbled audio files problem because index is not accurate When the screen is switched off the music player no longer plays, fix problem Backup: Added support for backing up Desktop launcher clock and photo frame and in addition recovery Added support to backup Superuser settings and authorisation rules Optimisation of data backup process and progress of backup information Optimisation of the automatic backup displayed time Fix alarm clock backup problem restoring the alarm did not restore Settings: Optimisation of installation of applications for the first time, pop-up notice to either allow of deny install FM Radio: FM support for Incredible S added Sound Recorder: Added called number to file name to better identify recorded call entries Optimisation of the call recordings list, show the name of the contact called in the list Notes: Optimisation of notes with alarm reminders FLASHOWANIE: Jeżeli nie chcesz złapać bootloopa zainstaluj stockowy rom KH3(3 plikowy-znajdziesz go w tym dziale w spis chronologiczny) z Re-Partition i pit,następnie wrzuć CF-Roota dla KH3(również do pobrania w tym dziale),wejdź w recovery i zrób backup za pomocą opcji Backup&Restore,następnie wybierz install zip from sdcard\choose zip from sdcard,wskaż rom Galnet i zatwierdź przyciskiem HOME. Pozdrawiam sardoid
  3. Przed Wami port ROMu HoneySense z urządzenia Desire HD. Jego cechy to szybkość i elegancja. ROM zawiera HTC Sense w wersji 3.0*! [ROM] HoneySenseHD 7.3 G2/DZ Port v1.0 - xda-developers CECHY Android 2.3.3 (Gingerbread) - OFICJALNE HTC RUU 2.50.405.2 (wyszedł 3 lipca '11) Styl Honeycomb Własne ustawienia taktowania CPU VR I/O (Deadline, Noop, SIO, BFQ V2.1 & CFQ Optional) OpenVPN - CIFS - UTF8 - - EXT3 - EXT4 - JDB2 Głośność audio - +10% słuchawka, +15% głośnik Poprawy sterowników WiFi i chwytania zasięgu Root + Superuser Niezabezpieczony boot.img Wiele zmian na rzecz szybkości działania Skrypt do kalibracji baterii (Thanks to the dev seo) Wiele języków - standard WWE Zipalign dla system/app i data/app w czasie bootowania wsparcie dla skryptów init.d Edytor tekstów NANO + wsparcie dla komend sysro/sysrw EXT 4 VERSION EXT 3 VERSION - dla mniej spragnionych przygód (wkrótce dostępny) Tweaki wydłużające życie Waszej baterii INSTALACJA Po instalacji ROMu wgraj kernel: Standardowo - nand backup, wipe, instalacja zip, reboot DOWNLOAD *Zdaniem autora jest to najszybszy port Sense 3.0 na DZ. Szybkość działania zyskuje dopiero po kilku chwilach użytkowania.
  4. Witam Mam problem po przejściu na Cyanogenmoda 7.1 RC1 dla HTC Wildfire. Mianowicie nie chce mi sie sam zaktualizować market a w dniu dzisiejszym podobno wyszedl nowy według tego linka.. Z góry dzięki za pomoc.
  5. grubaskov

    Firefox 4 RC1

    Macie włączoną funkcję sprawdzania pisowni? Ja mam i działa dobrze, tylko jedno zastrzeżenie mam. NIE PODKREŚLA NA CZERWONO "ipad2" !!!
  6. Po testach beta przyszedł czas na oficjalny release. Wersja RC1 dostępna dla wszystkich. Już w becie świetnie to chodziło, miałem przyjemność testować. Darkstone mówił, że oficjal będzie jeszcze lekko podkręcony. Zapraszam: [JAN 12][NAND][RAM] darkstone SuperNAND FroYo RC1 [kernel: Hastarin Custom] - xda-developers ---------- Post dołączono o 03:00 ---------- Poprzedni post napisano o 01:13 ----------