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ROM MOONRAKER v4.1 | 4.0.4 | Beats | Camera Jelly Bean | very Stable and Fast

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    In The Name Of GOD

    Elite Custom Rom for HTC
    alireza Tadayon Parsa
    Tp Productions
    علیرضا تدین پارسا
    Flow-Wolf for review youtube
    sszemtelen for Desire HD user bars
    lmk263To bring up the signal problem v4.0
    IceColdSandwich 4.0.4
    MOONRAKER v4.0

    Supported Devices
    Desire HD & Inspire 4G

    base AOSP master
    Android Version 4.0.4

    Beats | Camera Jelly Bean | very Stable and Fast [/font][/size]

    moonraker v3.0
    [COLOR="Red"]v 4.1[/COLOR]
    Fix the signal bar
    Signal change based on signal strength[/B]
    [FONT="Arial"][B][SIZE="2"][COLOR="Red"]v 4.0[/COLOR]
    Fixed and Improved on and off screen
    Fixed and Improved auto-clear screen
    Fixed and Improved Kindle screen long
    Fixed and Improved sorting and continued on and off screen
    Fixed and Improved on and off screen while charging 85% to 100%
    Added new wallpaper for launcher ics
    camera Jelly Bean 4.x.x
    Fixed and Improved video quality hd 720p
    Fixed and Improved video qualitysd 480p
    Fixed camera Panorama Jelly Bean
    Improved picture size 8mp 5-3-2-1.3-1mp-vga
    Fixed focus mode auto
    Fixed focus mode infinity
    Fixed touch focus
    Fixed lib file camera Jelly Bean
    Fixed camera Jelly Bean
    Added camera Jelly Bean
    Fixed soundbooster
    Fixed stream headset
    Fixed stream speaker
    Fixed eqfilter
    Improved beatsnormal
    Improved beatsbass
    Improved ibeatspro
    Improved ibeatsstudio
    Improved ibeats x
    Improved ibeats solo
    Fixed audioeffectif
    Added soundfx
    Added and Fixed musicFX
    Added and Fixed dolbyMobile
    Added and Fixed audioEffectService
    Fixed awesomeBEATS
    Added awesomeBEATS white icon
    Added browser 4.0.4
    Added galaxyS4Wallpaper Fixed to 960x960
    Removed all added other programs
    [COLOR="Red"]v 3.0[/COLOR]
    Kernel aospx
    edit boot rom
    Improved Kernel
    edit build.prop
    edit updater-script
    fixed bluetooth
    fixed wi-fi
    removed aroma Installer
    removed youtube not work
    Camera ICS 4.0.4
    720p video recording 6.0 mb
    720x480 video recording 4 mb
    Increased video recording quality
    Improved framerate stability
    8mp picture quality high
    Image Encoding quality 95
    Improved Quality of Images
    [COLOR="Red"]v 2.0[/COLOR]
    New instal
    AROMA Installer
    ADDED SCRIPT for aroma
    v aroma 2.51.120810.026
    Keybord farsi
    FARSI full support
    automatic zipalign
    custom bootanimation
    added new LatinIME.apk
    better 3d and benchmark
    added 17 picture wallpaper
    better sd card performance
    free ram 300 m up to 350 m
    small Changes In build.prop
    Kernel-LorDmodUE v10.1-ICS-CFS
    increased wifi scan rate to 50
    added flash player v11.1.115.36
    added clock jb and two new clock
    better camera image and video record
    [COLOR="Red"]v 1.5[/COLOR]
    Edit Kernel
    Edit Camera
    Edit Trebuchet
    Edit LauncherIcs
    Edit framework-res
    Initial ReleaseIcs 4.0.4[/SIZE][/B][/FONT]

    Disabled OTA Updater
    Youtube not working
    Download the ROM
    Move ROM to SD card
    First, it is better to manually do a full wipe ROM is fully optimized
    Flash the ROM
    Reboot and enjoy

    attention Inspire 4G
    Install the ROM MOONRAKER v3.0 first
    after Inspire 4G mod for MOONRAKER

    auto-rotate screen
    MENU button displays the menu options above
    Then we went into the preferences menu options general option in.
    Do not see the auto-rotate screen option
    Put this banner in your signature
    I hope you all enjoy the show to the whole world and I wish you all the best for all
    I thank you
    And gave you thanks:victory:
    link :
    A small donation
    Contribute to charity

    MOONRAKER v4.0

    moonraker 4.1 update
    only Desire HD
    Previous version
    MOONRAKER v3.0

    MOD For Inspire 4G

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    Email :

    Tp Productions 2009-2013

    Link do oryginał postu [ROM] MOONRAKER v4.1 | 4.0.4 | Beats | Camera Jelly Bean | very Stable and Fast - xda-developers

    Osobiście nie testowałem , wstawiam bo nie widziałem na forum tego roma .Może ktoś się wypowie kto testował


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