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Cronos Gingerbread 2.2.4 [08.06.11]

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    Cronos Gingerbread:banan:


    Kolejna wersja świetnego romu opartego na 2.3.x :)

    Znów mamy dostęp do Ustawien CM, do czasu w pełni działającej wersji narzędzia od Feeyo.


    • Nandroid Backup.
    • Full Wipe.
    • Flash romu.
    • Reboot.
    • Flash Gapps.
    • Reboot.


    (z wersji 1.9.5)




    Cronos Official Mirrors: (Thanks to Bertol and NetGhost)

    Cronos Android, Android on Steroids! •

    MD5SUM: 2a808b5f35e8a9e4126ddbe174778447

    SHA1SUM: 60503c52ffdc555b7bc8b4cdf96784dc18a55169

    SHA256SUM: 7f56689305c0e2b47fb4b0276e9d28261949853643bef6a7a062ccf01f7ad3a6

    Extra Mirrors: (Thanks iPasta) (Thanks Flaunders )

    Google APPS:

    Download latest gapps:

    The Official Cronos Android Mirror



    Full release notes:

    08 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.4

    Updated CM Extra to latest.

    Updated to latest Sources. (AOSP + CM).

    Added DSPManager.

    Added ThemeChooser.

    Added Notification Bar Widgets back.

    Added WiFi Boost.

    DeOdexed Compile.

    04 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.3_P1

    Support for Vector Maps.

    Fixed corrupted boot animation.

    This is an update Patch ONLY (No wipes needed!)

    03 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.3

    Fixed JNI Bug.

    Cleaned a Bogus htc core framework permissions entry.

    02 June 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.2

    Fixed libwebcore exception.

    Updated to latest Android 2.3.4 Sources.

    Tweaked Build Environment.

    Added new EVO kernel, compiled with my private optimized toolchain.

    Changed kernel configuration to drain less battery.

    Fixed SDCARD issue: Corrupting Filesystems.

    Enabled Screen On and Off.

    23 May 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.1

    Tweak audio APIs for better compatibility.

    Fixed draw texture when loadTexture() is called.

    Performance of toHex() improved.

    sdcard improve insertion notification on Gingerbread.

    Ninepatch tweaks for better interop

    Switch to SkSafeUnref for better portability

    Fixed Bogus WiFi Garbage in xml's from an old patch of mine.

    Updated to latest AOSP Sources.

    Better Bluetooth Support.

    Lock home in mem included.

    10 May 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.2.0

    Updated to latest AOSP (2.3.4)

    Permanently removed support for CM.

    Changed DalvikVM Init.c code.

    Forced VM Precision Storing.

    Changed 2 lines in copybit library.

    EGL Fix to avoid surface leaks.

    ARMv5TE resampler optimization routines.

    Re Added Batterystats deadcode Fix Patch.

    Re Added Bluetooth deadcode Fix Patch.

    Patched Fast Reboot/Shutdown Again.

    Changed Lights library Notifications.

    Latest OI FileManager.

    Added latest Google Camera.

    Added latest 2.3.4 google apps.

    Added MusicFX as default Sound enhancements. As replacement for DSPManager.

    Font changing in SpareParts should work correctly now.

    PowerOff Animations should be working correctly now.

    Added EVO3 #4 Kernel:

    Improved Youtube Streaming on this kernel.

    27 April 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.1.0

    Fixed SU.

    Reverted toolchain back to 4.4.3.

    27 April 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.1.0

    Updated to latest AOSP/CM sources.

    3G/WiFi priority Fixed.

    Added Cronos Wallpaper collections to default Launcher.

    Added more DalvikVM Heap jumps in CM Extra

    Changed WiFi Policy to not disconnect while in sleep mode.

    Tweaked lowmemorykiller configurations in init.rc and hero.init.rc

    Enabled more kernel options to stabilize Battery usage.

    Enabled android powertop support.

    Added VM dirty_writeback_centisecs.

    Better libsensors (Sensor Sensitivity)

    Re-written a lot for liblights:

    Changed notifications alert blinks.

    22 April 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.1.0

    Reworked on my private 4.4.4 toolchain.

    Sources have been fully compiled on my 4.4.4 toolchain.

    Included Orriginal HTC Hero Battery Calculation.

    Tweaked GPS. (Let me know how it is going.)

    Tweaked Brightness Stability.

    RGB Reverted.

    Included latest "Leaked" Music Player.

    Removed MIUI Camera.

    Added Default Camera.

    Included EVO3 Kernel:

    Tweaked Cronos Governor Configuration.

    Tweaked Kernel lowmemorykiller.c

    Changed strict init.rc lowmemorykiller configuration.

    Will not kill as fast anymore.

    Better memory utilization.

    10 April 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.0.1

    Added Default Phone App with In call menu.

    Repatched EGL.

    This is an update patch only! No wipes of any kind needed.

    09 April 2011 | Cronos Ginger 2.0.0

    Resampler optimization routines properly patch.

    TextView.setText memleak fixed.

    SW renderer of Stagefright move on to draw stage after the initialization.

    Fixed isValid() Software EGL Rendering seg fault.

    Default WiFi sleep policy added.

    Added sdcard tweaks.

    Removed Default Camera.

    Removed Default Music Player.

    Added MIUI Camera.

    Added MIUI Music Player.

    Changed some compile optimizations.

    Faster GUI Animations.

    Updated to latest CM Extra. (By CM Team)

    Integrated latest CM source updates. (By CM Team)

    23 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.9.5

    TextView.setText memleak fixed.

    OOM Error encoding images

    Fixed contact data updating.

    21 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.9.4

    Fixed Launcher Menu (more) Replication Bug.

    Bugs: Heavy Graphics Load System Crash. (Library Exception)

    20 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.9.3

    AccessibilityManagerService death notifications proper clean up.

    Removed dead store : core/java/android/os/ Patch2.

    Improved shutdown speed.

    revert PIXEL_FORMAT_RGB_565 (By Nadlabak)

    Improved Camera preview format.

    Gralloc Mem Leak Fix.

    17 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.9.2

    Updated to latest source updates

    Included New EVO kernel.

    Added cifs module.

    Compiled it deodexed now.

    Changed some compile optimizations.

    Bug fixes of DRM framework

    Removed dead code with no other effect than consuming battery life.

    float values equality checks : core/java/android/webkit/

    Updated to latest CM Extra.

    Removed dead store : core/java/android/os/

    frameworks/base: Fix for force close during rapid FF of cetain midi clips

    Runtime inclusion of services in the SystemServer with overlays

    Fixed memory leak in PreferenceScreen.

    Removed strict lowmemorykiller configuration.

    Should be nicer to battery life.

    13 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.9.0

    Updated to latest Sources.

    Added new EVO3 Kernel.

    Fixed Volume Key handling. (nadlabak)

    Added DSPManager Again.

    Patched libfreetype for better rendering of fonts.

    Changed animation speeds to be a bit slower. (Nicer to look at)

    05 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.8.0

    Fresh full clean Sources (Again..)

    Fixed Battery Icon

    Fixed WiFi/3G Bug.

    Unlocked Android 2.3 Audio effects for Music Player.

    Removed DSPManager.

    Patched libfreetype for better rendering of fonts.

    CM Extra updated to latest version.

    04 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.7.0

    Included Patch 1.6.0 #1

    Full New Compile.

    Fixed WiFi issue.

    Hope to have fixed battery drain for some users.

    Known bugs:

    None Yet.

    02 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.6.0 Patch #1

    Fixed A2SD.

    Fixed CM Extra Bug.

    Known bugs:

    Enable Wifi does not stop Mobile data. Please disable Mobile Data to make wifi work correctly.

    02 Mar 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.6.0

    Updated to Android 2.3.3

    Included EVO3 kernel.

    22 Feb 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.5.0

    Fixed USB Tethering.

    Smoother GUI.

    Removed memory reservation for phone app.

    Left green charge led activated on 90%.

    Fixed: Charge low % Bug?

    19 Feb 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.4.0

    Fixed In call Lockscreen bug.

    Fixed: AM/PM Lockscreen Bug.

    Faster GUI.

    Included latest EVO2-2 kernel.

    Some changes to EGL again.

    Youtube HQ works Sometimes..

    16 Feb 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.3.0 Patch 1

    Fixed CM Extra.

    16 Feb 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.3.0

    Fixed Webcore Library exceptions.

    Improved EGL.

    Included Launcher2 as default again.


    Fixed: Lockscreen.

    Fixed: home buton.

    14 Feb 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.2.0

    Speeden up animations.

    Fixed: Youtube HQ.

    Fixed Video Playback.

    Included Cronos EVO2 kernel.

    Added new CM Functions.

    Included Music and Music3 Player.

    Camera Rendering Changes.

    12 Feb 2010 | CGK-2.6.29-EVO 2 Kernel

    * Fixed init force cronos governor and scheduler from kernel load.

    * Tweaked init script.

    * Forced compass dir,chmod rights from init.

    11 Feb 2010 | CGK-2.6.29-EVO 1 Kernel

    * Fixed Sleep/crash bug.

    11 Feb 2010 | CGK-2.6.29-EVO Kernel

    * Latest Cronos Ginger EVO GPL Approved Kernel.

    * Improvements to Governor.

    * Improvements to Scheduler.

    06 - Feb - 2011 | Cronos Ginger 1.1.0

    *Sources Updated to latest version

    * Fixed: Animations.

    * Fixed: Added TV On/Off Animations. (Experimental)

    * Fixed: EGL Graphics issues.

    * Fixed: dalvik-cache loop bug.

    * Fixed: Apps2SD.

    * Faster WiFi Connection.

    30 - Jan - 2011 | CG-1.0.1:

    * Fixed leds.

    * Included Boot Fix.

    29 Jan 2011

    * Speed Improvement. Really.. A lot of speed

    * Brightness Bug Fixed.

    * Improved battery a little bit with about 3%

    * 2G/3G/H Supported.

    * Included CM Settings, as CM Extra.

    * Included default Music player and Music3 player.

    * Included CM Theme chooser.

    * AOSP 2.3.2

    * Flykernel by Erasmux.

    21 Jan 2011 | Cronos Ginger version 0.0.9

    * Repacked all the patches for 0.0.8

    * Camera Fixed by SteelBytes! awesome work man!

    09 Jan 2011 | Cronos Ginger version 0.0.8

    * Full new Compile.

    * Incorporated A2SD into boot.img (Thanks to Elelinux)

    * Correct QComEGL 1.1 version string (Thanks to l0st.prophet)

    * Updated Graphics (Thanks to l0st.prophet)

    * Fixed CM Extra Options.

    * Incorporated VOIP. WiFi/G/3G (Thanks Aeonflux75)

    * Updated EGL and SKIA.

    * Added Music3 (Hope Gani is happy now).

    * Fix for Caller Bug? (Not tested myself yet).

    * Added new GPS Fix

    07 Jan 2011 | Cronos Ginger version 0.0.7

    * Fixed sensors

    * Fixed Compass

    * Running OpenGLES 1.1

    * Running OpenSLES

    * Added CM Extra menu.

    * Added Elelinux,Erasmux A2SD patch to download links.

    Cronos Ginger version 0.0.6

    * Added CM Notification bar.

    * Compiled with a few more optimization flags.

    * GPS Semi Fix: By Elelinux

    * USB/SDCARD Fix: By Elelinux

    * Bluetooth Fix: By elelinux

    Cronos Ginger version 0.0.5

    * EGL should now be fully working Gingerbread style.

    * Fixed gapps library exceptions.

    * Default GB Launcher included.

    * Lights semi working.

    * Improved speed on EGL.

    * Improved WiFi Speed.

    * Improved quality of the Official Gingerbread Theme.

    * Recompiled sources with latest fixes.

    * Fully Odexed.

    * No need to wipe system with manually commands

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    super telefon po instalacji uruchomił się 1 min a reboot zajął mu 30s :DDD

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    Co to za widget zegara? Genialny 8)

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    Beautiful Widgets + skin gignerclean.

    W neocore uzyskuję ~60FPS :D Tylko nie ma części grafik.

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    Działa szybko, ale bez sensora nie mam zamiaru go używać, poczekam na stabilniejszą wersje :)

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    Update do 0.0.5 w pierwszym poście.

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    Zainstalowalem ten ROM i wyglada nawet ciekawie, pare uwage poza tym ze nie dziala aparat i sensor ekranu.

    Jak moge zainstalowac market, albo cokolwiek innego, sciagnalem juz aplikacje marketu na komputer, niestety po podlaczeniu kablem telefonu nie moge skorzystac z niego jako dysku, telefon nic mi nie sygnalizuje jak to wczesniej mialo miejsce, nawet nie moge znalezc tego w menu. Nie wiem tez jak zrobic synchronizacje z google, potrzebne sa google apps ,ale niestety nie mam skad tego sciagnac, pomoze ktos ?


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    polskie gapps są w pierwszym poście, flashujemy je tak jak rom -w recovery ;)

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    Dziekuje, nie zauwazylem.

    ---------- Post dołączono o 15:47 ---------- Poprzedni post napisano o 15:36 ----------

    Jeszcze jedno pytanie - jak moglbym je wgrac na telefon, skoro nie moge dostac sie na sd za pomoca kabla ?

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    Podłącz kartę do kompa poprzez czytnik kart.

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