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NextGeneration Mod

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    Uwaga ta modyfikacja może zrobić z twojego telefonu cegłe! Wszystko robicie na własną odpowiedzialność

    Oryginalny temat TUTAJ

    Wersja: SGM-froyo-BETA_2.1-NextGeneration_6

    Potrzebujesz LK2.xx z recovery do instalacji tego moda.





    Full Mod 6 z YONIP Kernel 22B -


    Full Mod 6 z Horse Power Kernel 11 - DOWNLOAD

    Po instalacji potrzebny jest 1 restart

    Kiedy telefon się włączy wybrać ""

    Jak zainstalować:

    1. Wejdź do recovery.

    2. Zrób wipe data & cache!

    3. Zainstaluj

    4. Skonwertuje pliki systemowe na ext2 (cache, data, system).

    5. Restart telefonu, drugi restart (aby wybrać ustawienia aplikacji), trzeci restart (do poprawnego ustawienia plików systemowych


    Punkty w quadrancie:


    Co jest w modzie:

    - SGM-froyo-BETA2.1

    - YONIP Kernel V.22B or Horse Power 11B.

    - Intercept 3D.

    - HD YouTube.

    - MIUI Boot Animation modded by me.

    - Modded framework and icons with: MIUI, Minimal_Green theme & IOS icons (by me).

    - LauncherPro 0.8.6 Mod (by me).

    - Ported MIUI: Camera, Music (by me).

    - Added apps: AdFree (Block ads), Youlu Address Book, DSP Manager, QuickPic (very fast picture viewer), Voice Recorder (Clear Voice recorder), RealCalc, XM Notes, Titanium Backup, QQplayer (Modded by me).

    - Option with apps uninstall.

    - Updated Google apps.

    - Silky Smooth.

    Change log:

    Ver.6 (29.07.2011)

    - Updated Horse Power Kernel to version 11

    - Added "check /data/app" script

    - Fixed SlideDown LockScreen Bottom (by me)

    - Upgraded Theme

    - Ported MIUI Compas (by me)

    - Modded DeskClock

    - Updated Maps & Market (it should be no reboots becouse Market)

    Ver.5.3 (22.07.2011)

    - New Kernel: YONIP 22B or Horse Power 10B.

    - New Market.

    - New MIUI BootAnimation modded by me.

    - New Ringtone.

    - Added XM Notes.

    - Enabled option: uninstall Youlu Address Book.

    - Updated apps.

    - Changed some apps icons.

    - New sound for Camera.

    - Back to sentimental default Wallpaper

    Ver.5.2 (06.07.2011)

    - 2 versions of Kernel (YONIP 22A or Horse Power 9)

    - Added animated notification bar (thx Jay)

    - New LockScreen.

    - Updated file for easy Theming.

    - Updated init scripts.

    - Updated: PNGs and Theme app for Launcher Pro+preferences.

    - Updated Market apps.

    - Fixed status bar view.

    - Added Modded Stock SMS app and updated view of Stock Contacts.

    - Moving Maps.apk to SD - enabled.

    - Changed Market Phone/SMS/Contacts app to Youlu Address Book.

    - Changed some wallpapers.

    Ver.5.1 (22.06.2011)

    - New Kernel: Yonip V22.

    - Updated Titanium Backup.

    - Updated Superuser to

    - Fix for Settings and DesktopClock pngs.

    - Little fix in framework-res for Dialer screen (no more Sidedown to unlock while someone is dialing).

    Ver.5 (19.06.2011)

    - New Kernel: Yonip V21 (+800Mhz, +3G/HSDPA Fix, +Built-in 3G/HSDPA Tweak Settings).

    - Changed Battery to percent status.

    - LauncherPro with theme apk made by me. If You want You can set apps icons to standard view...

    - Market app works god now.

    - Updated DSP Manager(compiled by me).

    - Changed GO Contacts to Contapps.

    - Changed File Manager to Ghost Commander.

    - New Bootlogo made by nadiealkon (some credit to the creator of the idroid icons - iirojappinen)

    - Updated all Market apps.

    Ver.4.2A (17.05.2011)

    - MIUI Camera & Miui Music translated (decompile/modded/recompile - me )

    Ver.4.2 (17.05.2011)

    - Kernel updated to YONIP Kernel V.12B.1 (800mhz max freq (Non OCED), Merge with some of Lukiqq modules and modifications, Sound Lag fix, Better SU Permissions, Better Battery Life, Better Multitasking, Faster, Better and more Stable),

    - LockScreen wallpaper (recompiled frameworks-res.apk be me),

    - Fixed init scripts,

    - Fix for app installation error - thx voku1987,

    - Updated for better photos,

    - Added initial configuration for Miui Camera. AutoFocus - when taking photos only,

    - Added Titanium Backup (backup/restore apps and data (for example: when changing mod)) +modding for new app version.

    Ver.4.1 (11.05.2011)

    - Added easy Theme changer script. (made by me)

    - Added script for moving GO SMS, QuickPic, Backup Master, LauncherPro, FileManager, GO Contacts, QQPlayer to /system/app when new version of app appear. If You install new version of these apps, when You reboot Spica, this new update will be: modding and then moving new app to system apps. With this options we don't waste room in /data/app. (made by me)

    - zipalign for /system /app (first start of system take much time, but next restarts are normal).

    - Lockscreen - Sidedown to unlock.

    - New Wallpaper.

    - Updated GO Contacts.

    Ver.4 (04.05.2011)

    - Added New Miui Music with no FC in settings (First time on Samdroid, modded to english by me).

    - Added new Miui Camera (First time on Samdroid. New UI).

    - Added Go Weather.

    - Removed Miui Weather, MIUI Digital Clock, stock Camera & Gallery3D,

    - Updated Framework & Settings icons from Miui distribution,

    - Updated all apps from Market,

    - Now, if you don't use LiveWallpapers, You can uninstall them.

    Ver.3.2 (27.04.2011)

    - Kernel changed to YONIP Kernel CFS V.12B

    - Updated apps.

    - Fixed problem when update QQPlayer, QuickPic and GO apps.

    - Cosmetic changes in framework and apps pics.

    Ver.3.1a (21.04.2011)

    - Updated to YONIP Kernel CFS V.17:

    - Improved Widget Menu Scrolling Speed

    - Working Compass

    - Change Low Memory Killer Levels (35-45 mb Free utmost)

    Ver.3.1 (20.04.2011)

    - Updated to SGM BETA 2.1

    - YONIP Kernel V.16 (

    - Updated LauncherPro to 0.8.5.

    - Apps & LauncherPro icons changed to newest from MIUI and IOS +my modifications.

    - Added Meizu 9 sounds (changed: ringtone, alarm, notification) & Wallpapers.

    - New File Manager.

    - Removed Stock SMS app,

    - Removed: Facebook, Twitter (You can always download newest version form Market).

    - Added Backup Master (You can backup: MMS, SMS, BookMarks, Call Logs, System Settings, Alarms, Apn, Applications)

    - Added QQplayer (You can play DIVX).

    - Added init script to configure GO SMS Pro to take control of removed Stock SMS app (made be me).

    - Added init script to run QQplayer & QuickPic (made be me).

    Ver.3 (13.04.2011)

    - Updated to SGM-froyo-BETA2

    - YONIP Kernel CFS V.12

    - Newest Miui: Camera & Music (Ported by me)

    - New apps: GO Cotacs & Dialer, GO SMS Pro, MIUI Weather, QuickPic (very fast picture viewer), Voice Recorder (Clear Voice recorder), SMS Backup & Restore.

    - Standard SMS app configured with no Notification (by me)

    Know bugs:

    MIUI Music: Closing application when scrolling app settings.

    Ver.2.2a (30.03.2011)

    - Added newest MIUI Camera and MIUI Music.

    I modded Miui Camera text to better view on mdpi hardware.

    Now Miui Camera support locales:

    - Danish,

    - German,

    - Dutch,

    - Polish,

    - English,

    - French,

    - Italian,

    - Portuguese,

    - jw,

    - Chinese (Republic of China),

    - Chinese (Taiwan).

    Now Miui Music support:

    - zh

    - English

    - Danish,

    - German,

    - Dutch

    - Polish (most of Translated by me ),

    - French,

    - Spanish

    - Italian,

    - Portuguese,

    - jw,

    Ver.2.2 (29.03.2011)

    - LIBSQLITE_update.

    - Newest LauncherPro 0.8.4.

    - Cosmetic changes in framework and icons.

    - LatinIME_2.3_fixed_update (thx moskalito). GingerBread Keyboard welcome again.

    - Added: Miui Weather (if You don't like it, You can uninstall ).

    - AdFree moved to users apps.

    Ver.2.1a (23.03.2011)

    - Updated: MiuiCamera (now in english), RealCalc

    - DeskClock with more languages.

    - Back to original Keyboard. Removed (for now) GingerBread Keyboard. You can install it from here.

    Ver.2.1 (22.03.2011)

    - Added: Voicerecorder (Great, clear voice while recording), Miui DeskClock, Gingerbread Keyboard, AdFree.

    - Added: init script to zipalign.

    - Added: init script to see what mod You have (info will be seen on begin of logcat)

    - Updated to newest: MiuiCamera & MiuiMusic.

    - Changed some icons from framework and LauncherPro.

    - Removed: RockPlayer. If You want to play DivX movies You can use QQPlayer (it is free and can be downloaded from here. You can put apk on sdcard and install it from "OI File Manager").

    Ver.2.0a (18.03.2011)

    - Added FileManager, RockPlayer with modded icons.

    Ver.2.0 (17.03.2011)

    - Update to SGM-froyo-BETA1.

    - Kernel [email protected] #5

    - MiuiMusic & MiuiCamera from newest MIUI.

    - Addons in update-script: Option with apps uninstall: Gmail, Facebook, MIUI Digital Clock, Maps, MIUI Gallery.

    - Updated icons.

    Ver.1.6 (19.02.2011)

    - Lukiqq Kernel V7

    - Better statusbar background, like it?

    Ver.1.5 (19.02.2011)

    - Lukiqq Kernel V6 fixed

    - removed SSSwitch

    - cadavre's CM 8.3.2 update

    - new statusbar background

    Ver.1.4 (10.02.2010)

    - New Lukiqq Kernel V4 + Intercept 3D + VideoFix + SSSwitch v06F.

    - New Theme (some icons from Minimal_Green).

    - New apps icons.

    - MIUI BootAnimation (Ported and modified by me)

    - Newest MIUI Camera.

    - Newest MIUI Music.

    - Added Real Caclulator.

    - Updated Google Apps, Twetter, Facebook.

    - New Wallpapers.

    - Removed unneeded for me Google apps, GO SMS, Calculator.apk.

    - A little pic change in Mms.apk.


    - ssswitch 0.6D.

    - Updated MIUI Camera

    - new sms/mms app: GO SMS.

    - new xda boot animation.

    - new wallpapers.

    Ver. 1.2

    - Intercept 3D w/ new Skia optimisation.

    - SENSORS / COMPASS for Froyo, finally done! - cadavre.

    - Open Manager 2.0 (install apk, extract zip etc.).

    - MIUI Gallery old.

    - MIUI Icons style.

    Ver. 1.1

    - XMNotes

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    możesz wyjąc mi sam bootanimation? :D

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    Świetny naprawdę :) ale nadal są cztery ekrany w recovery :mad::P a tak na początek ładnie się prezentuje :):mrgreen:

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    Instalujemy przez apply any zip from SD nie? Pytam dla pewnosci bo dawno tego nie robilem;)

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    Tak - to paczka do recovery

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    moge wgrac na 2.1 czy wczesniej zapodac CM8.3?

    Sent from my GT-I5700 using Tapatalk

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    Nie musisz, 40 min temu wgralem to na SamdroidModa z kernellem qbanina i wszystko działa w porządku jak na razie :) Przed wgraniem i po wgraniu tej paczki zrób wipe wszystkiego.

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    moge wgrac na 2.1 czy wczesniej zapodac CM8.3?
    Napisane jest że tylko roota wymaga:) więc teoretycznie możesz śmiało wgrać:)Tylko nie wiem czy nie było by dobrze wipe zrobić przed instalacją.

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    Tylko nie wiem czy nie było by dobrze wipe zrobić przed instalacją.

    Przy przechodzeniu z 2.1 na 2.2 wipe jest wymagany.

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