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[28/06] ۵.Reflex S v2.1.7 GingerBread 2.3.3 Sense 2.1 ·(GRI40|A2SD+|CM7)

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    Neo is back


    ░█░ [ROM][28/06] ✰.Reflex S v2.1.7 Gingerbread 2.3.3· ░█░ · |SenseGingerB 2.1|

    Wątek na xda

    Testowany na partycji ext3


    -Najnowsze radio

    -Partycja ext2, 3 o 4 (APP2SD), zalecana wielkość 1024MB (1GB)

    Zalecane: Wipe Factory Reset, Cache, Dalvik, ext


    Baza: Ace S, Gingerbread 2.3.3 android (GRI40) -

    Kernel @1075mhz Overclock-Undervolt by snq-

    Sense 2.1


    Nowy Market

    Taktowanie: CPU interactive, smartass, powersave, ondemand, performance

    Motyw by Neo (Launcher & BlockScreen całkowicie jego autorstwa)

    Theme AOSP Ginger

    CRT TV Lockscreen Animation


    Działa nagrywanie video (dzięki snq)

    Sensation 3.0 Weather sounds

    Sensation 3.0 Lockscreen (odbieranie i odrzucanie rozmów za pomocą ikon także :))

    Sensation 3.0 Task Manager

    Sensation 3.0 USB PSCII

    Sensation 3.0 SMS/MMS

    Ikona HSDPA

    Wybudzanie i odblokowywanie trackballem

    Power controls w pasku powiadomień

    Klawiatura Gingerbread

    Tweaks RAM memory

    Titanium Backup

    EStrongs File Explorer

    Desk Clock

    Google Maps

    Soporte CIFS.

    Adobe Flash 10.2

    Wsparcie VPN

    Wsparcie ext4 (powinno działać, ale testowane tylko ext3)

    Car Home


    Galeria Nexus One

    List Host block & list apn

    Superuser Permissions by ChainsDD

    najnowszy Busybox

    Dodane Voice Search, & Google Search

    Zmodyfikowany Bootscreen . HTC quietly brilliant

    Launcher2 original

    Quickoffice, Spare Parts, HTC IME, Gingerbread Keyboard, ROM Manager.

    Wspiera OTA updates ROM Manager

    Usunięte: Teeter, Stock, Plurk & otros.

    Usunięty Boot Sound HTC.



    Języki: English, Chinese, Arabic (no completo), Czech, German, Espanol, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Norwegian, Japanese, Korean, Greek, Swedish, Danish, Portuguese, Finnish, Vietnamese, Thai.


    -Z recovery, Wipe Factory reset, Wipe Cache, Wipe Dalvik, & format/wipe partition Ext2, 3 o 4.

    -Flash ROMu .

    -Flash radio (opcjonalnie)

    -Reboot (Pierwsze uruchomienie może trwać nawet 10-20 minut)

    Dodana wersja dla CM7 Hboot!!!


    ChangeLog Reflex S:


    Trackpad to wake, trackpad to unlock.

    Revised all tweaks, Improved some.

    Modded a lot of animations. app open, close, etc.

    Modded Launcher Sense by me.

    Updated HTC IME trace 0.3, fixed chinesse ime (thanks seo)

    Changed lockscreen ring to white.

    Updated Google Voice

    Updated Facebook

    Improved some theme icons,battery (state, not charge)

    Improved battery¿? testing.

    More performance..

    Minor tweaks.


    Replaced backgrounds day/night in Lockscreen Weather.

    Fixed Panorama HTCCamera, and improved spanish translation.

    Modded all animations-> Speed (set windows/transitions to normal on Spare Parts, no more fast needed).

    Trying to improve wifi (more powersave?)

    Added HTC IME trace, now trace like Swype (thanks to seo, baadnewz).

    Some more tweaks performance and speed.


    Fixed Strange battery drain.

    Added shortcuts to lockscreen and improved spanish translation (thanks to lluispg & atilaprieto).

    Modded LockScreen Weather, changed backgrounds, better quality.

    Back to Wifi powersave (but more power)



    Back to Rosie 2.1 (less ram to get fully working, in future releases will try to improve ram and include it)

    Added Widget Weather 3.0 (thanks to m0narx)

    Added HTC Camera Sense 3.0 (thanks to m0narx)

    Modded LockScreen, Black ring, white bar.

    Modded LockScreen, deleted lockscreen icons (should let more free ram).

    Modded LockScreen Weather, added new day and night backgrounds, etc.

    Modded default Wallpaper.

    Improved wifi signal (battery will drain a little more, drops should be fixed)

    Modded and uncompressed a lot of system apps to get better ram, 190-210MB free ram in second reboot. (thanks to baadnewz for fixapk)

    Deletec lockscreen Clock

    Moddded Settings apk

    Updated Maps


    Rosie 3D from Sense 3 (thanks to Seo and baadnewz for uncompressed rosie.apk). Theme is original theme until I can modify it and fix corrupted apk from mode10editor

    Weather 3D Widget from Sense 3 ------ (thanks)

    MMS 3D Widget from Sense 3

    Twitter 3D Widget from Sense 3

    Bookmarks 3D Widget from Sense 3

    Mail 3D Widget from Sense 3

    Clock 3D Widget from Sense 3 ------ (to)

    Photo Grid 3D Widget from Sense 3

    People 3D Widget from Sense 3

    Calendar 3D Widget from Sense 3 ------ (Seo)

    SDCard Speed fix added.


    Optimized system apps to improve performance and ram (primary apps and lockscreen) - thanks to baad, robocik..

    Changed lockscreen to BlackFusion (black ring)

    Changed Settings.apk, now with free space on ext. thanks to m0narx

    Updated updater-script for people with problems of recovery compatibility

    Some Minor Tweaks

    Improves performance

    Moved some apps more to ext


    Updated Weather 3.0 to v0.19, thanks to seo.

    Improved lockscreen, icons & deeps etc, thanks to snq-

    Updated Rosie, thanks to Shnizlon and baad.

    Updated some jars

    Updated some libs & others


    Added Lockscreen 3.0 with icons

    Fixed lockscreen icons, thanks to snq-

    Updated sms app for new lock, backup & restore feature, thanks to seo.

    Updated Maps 5.5.0.

    Little more space on system

    Updated weather and improve weather videos (thanks to seo & baad)

    Updated some libs


    Updated Sense 3.0 Weather, thanks Krzysiec

    Updated Task Manager, thanks Krzysiec

    Fixed Usb Menu 3.0.

    Fixed problems Orange UK (build.prop edit)

    Disabled keyboard leds at start (should improve battery) - If you like leds, download led hack from market


    Added Sense 3.0 Weather (thanks to seo)

    Updated some libs (thanks to snq, robo, baad)

    Fixed booting reboots.

    Modded values on proximity delay on build.prop


    Updated Kernel to [v05] - thanks to snq-

    Fixed Compass , thanks to snq-

    Changed some values for "little" performance more.

    Improved battery ¿?

    Trying to fix boot reboots modifying a2sd script

    Modded media_profiles.xml to "improve" 720p

    Modded bitrates too on build.prop.

    Updated Titanium Backup.

    Changed wifi supplicant scan to 240 on build.prop.

    Minor Tweaks


    Fixed 720p Recording (No glitches, new libs)

    mod internal values of smartass governor

    CFQ by Default on I/O.

    Improve latency CFQ

    More tweaks to stability

    Updated Flash Player 10.3

    Updated some libs.

    Some Minor tweaks


    Modded framework.jar to obtain real wifi signal

    modded wpa_supplicant.conf to try wireless disconnections (testing)

    Back to sense 2.1 SMS app because 3.0 bugs won't be fixed for this lockscreen

    Improves battery

    remounted all partition to give performance.

    Updated Titanium

    Updated Rom Manager

    Updated HTCCamera (fc y reinicios)

    Updated bins & libs, and back to old bins & libs because new was some laggy

    Improves performance

    Cleaned /system a little.

    updated Tweaks build.prop

    virtual memory free limit to - 32mb


    Modded framework.jar to obtain optimal wifi signal (not too low, not too high)

    Updated SMS app 0.3 (fixed bugs)(thanks seo)

    Improved some icons in my personal theme.

    Updated Flash 10.3

    Updated Market

    Updated HTCCamera

    Updated Lockscreen mod 0.8 (thanks to seo mod and creators)

    Fixed Media connected app.

    Updated vendor firmware files

    Cleaned libs.

    Fixed Album libs.

    Modded lockscreen bar by me.

    Modified text Fonts on Lockscreen & others.

    Back to @1075mhz (should save battery)

    Cleaned options on Settings.apk (thanks to baadnewz)

    More Tweaks on build.prop

    More Performance & speed.



    Real wifi signal, thanks to baadnewz

    Fixed Chinese Handwritting on HTC IME

    Modded SystemUI for transparency & flexibility

    15 steps volume on calls (maybe have got better volume) on build.prop

    Updated SMS app (thanks seo)

    Updated Lockscreen mod 0.8 (thanks to seo mod and creators)

    Improves on 3G/data surfing, and added 3G prefix to network, build.prop tweak

    Some more improves on build.prop, data/ril (maybe get better 3G and solve problems on calls, testing)

    Disabled jni check to improve performance, build.prop tweak

    remade some icons on theme



    Updated kernel to [v04], thanks snq-

    Updated kernel modules

    Back to old CarHome because new had problems installing

    Updated libs

    Updated binaries

    Updated Lockscreen mod (thanks to seo mod)

    Updated SMS app (thanks to seo)

    Updated Frameworks

    Fully cleaned frameworks to get stability & speed (thanks to baadnewz)

    Totally fixed wifi bad signal.

    Added new version for people with CM7 Hboot

    Fixed problem language with Google Voice.

    Fixed HTC Hub



    Videocamera Added to Gtalk (don't put mobile in landscape while running)

    Updated Google Maps

    Updated Car Home

    Updated Market

    Updated Lockscreen to 0.7 (thanks to Krzysiec & seo)

    Some minor tweak

    Added Call Delay Patch


    & more sure I don't remember now


    Changed noop as default I/O to get more responsiveness

    Updated Lockscreen to new translated lockscreen (thanks to Krzysiec & seo)

    Fixed wifi signal rssi updating wifi module, thanks to snq-

    Changed rils to a previous version (to try to fix calls and data bugs)- sms OK

    Trying to fix Mail

    TRying to fix HtcMusic

    Fixed recording "720p" weight&height

    "Wake up" RAM mem free on screen off

    Updated Titanium Backup



    New kernel - v03 -snq thanks to him

    Revising all tweaks to improve speed and performance. OK

    Changed CFQ as default I/O

    Added call answer to lockscreen (thanks to seo, Krzysiec, and baadnewz for this mod)

    Fixed Adblock

    "fixed" wifi false signal (not drops 4 the moment)

    Changed wpa_supplicant & wpa lib

    Deleted Slate & calc widget

    Added trackpad 2 unlock, thanks snq-

    modded media profiles

    Deleted Autokiller

    Modified RAM mem free values

    Changed ril to fix problems in calls (thx baad 4 the idea)


    sms problem fix, thanks to baadnewz


    ****VIDEOCAMERA 720p recording IS WORKING . Specially Thanks to snq-. He deserves it!****

    Tweaking block and some tweaks more (thanks to robo & bad)

    Move Locations to SD to make more space in /system (if it doesn't work after flash, do all wipes)


    & more sure I don't remember now

    1.9.3 & 1.9.4 & 1.9.41:


    New Base WWE 2.36.405.8 Ace S

    Wifi fix 2.36.405.8

    Smooth fix 2.36.405.8

    Advanced menu to new base added

    Added undervolt modules

    Added RAM, Speed and Performance Tweaking Extreme by me

    Modified I/O Scheduling in each block

    Sensation 3.0 Weather sounds added

    Sensation 3.0 Lockscreen added (nie działa odbieranie rozmów - pojawia się stary lockscreen)

    Sensation 3.0 Task Manager added

    Sensation 3.0 USB PSCII added

    Sensation 3.0 SMS/MMS app added

    Remaked theme

    Deleted Twitter

    Added HtcTwitter+Widget

    Added Gtalk2 app

    oom_adj modified for some apps

    Making more space on /system, deleted non important things.


    & more sure I don't remember now



    Initial release of Gingerbread SENSE 2.1 based on Desire HD port

    Revised theming adapted to HD rom

    Updated tweaks to gingerbread

    Improved ram

    Updated tweaks to new kernel

    Added Autokiller

    Updated Estrongs

    Updated Rom Manager

    Updated Titanium backup

    Updated Maps.

    Updated Facebook.

    Deleted some apps to get LITE.

    Added some new Wallpapers.

    Kernel of snq- thanks


    Revised build.prop

    Blockscreen CRT TV


    & more sure I don't remember now

    Better RAM Managing

    OC @1113mhz stock voltage 1300mV (no warnings)

    Changed I/O Scheduler to noop


    Reflex S 2.1.7 STOCK HBOOT




    Reflex S 2.1.7 CM7HBOOT










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    Trzeba będzie spróbować :P

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    linki nie działają

    edit: te z xda działają

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    Już powinny działać. Update do wersji 1.9.1 :D. To chyba jakaś choroba....

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    czy tylko mi czy wam tez nie dziala wybudzanie via trackball??

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    czy tylko mi czy wam tez nie dziala wybudzanie via trackball??

    Nie wydaje Ci się:D

    Raz działa a raz nie.



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    czy tylko mi czy wam tez nie dziala wybudzanie via trackball??
    Raz działa a raz nie.

    I na chwilę obecną na nic lepszego nie można liczyć. Jest to problem z ROMami z GB z Sense. Na xda usilnie nad tą kwestia pracują ;)

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    mi dziala wybudzanie via menu fakt ze czasem trzeba wcisnac 2 lub 3 razy ale dziala przynajmniej na fRuFo-GB :)

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    A jak wygląda sprawa z diodą w Handcent - działa? Jak tak to się przesiąde:)

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    @deepblade u mnie na GO Sms działa. Nie wiem jak to będzie w przypadku Handcenta. :(

    @Kot i Peter wielkie dzięki za info :)

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