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STOCK Flyme OS (stable) 28.04.15

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    Wątek poświęcony stabilnej wersji  Flyme OS  z 28.04.15

    J. Angielski

    - MX4 repair sliding operation easily recognizable as a click of the problem.

    Lock screen
    - Optimization slide Task Manager Caton problem.
    - MX4 open repair problems since the start of the application can not receive messages through multi-tasking cleanup.
    - Repair the lock screen prompts copywriting does not follow the system language change issues.
    - When repairing portrait Task Manager icon display problem landscape.

    Global Search
    - Added support for location-based search services scene.

    - Added two-finger match the desktop editing mode.

    Notification Center
    - Repair phone turned silent and vibration, QQ / micro-channel mode is set reminders for voice + vibration problems to QQ / micro-channel messaging phone no vibration.
    - Even now repair the notification bar music control buttons and song names overlap.
    - When you modify the access code lock screen, so that the status bar can not accept any click event.
    - Lighting function screen to modify the cancellation notification mail and SMS.

    - Added view contacts function call.
    - Search results can show all the contact numbers and more numbers when new T9 search.
    - After the new call by pressing the dial keys T9 dialpad dialpad content can quickly restore the previous call.
    - Fix user feedback frequently disconnected mobile data access issues.
    - Repair call, press the Home key to return to the desktop, select the Actions menu does not show a problem when entering the phone again.

    - Added "timed SMS" function.
    - When the new share contacts, select Information / Network Information Share Share plain text directly.

    - New contact list display company information.
    - New Star Contacts feature.

    Microblogging Contact
    - Microblogging service contacts change to the background, the main interface icon no longer displays the contact entry.
    - Added Share to Weibo to support multi-map upload, maximum support nine pictures, each picture maximum support 10M, support failure is automatically saved.
    - Added support for displaying TWITTER send microblogging progress in the notification bar.
    - Added support for large image preview TWITTER and you can delete the picture to be sent.
    - New microblogging personal dynamic list of supported displays and supports zoom Figure 9 preview.

    Set up
    - MX4 Pro new local data backup and recovery capabilities.
    - MX4 Flyme new lab in the dial pad to enter 159357 # * # * # * # * to open.
    - Cancel optimized encryption application list "Weather", "Alarm" encryption support, unable to avoid the alarm clock sounded normal.

    Suspension Ball
    - Optimized suspension ball animation and default functionality.
    - Optimized fixed keyboard appears suspended ball pop height.

    Domestic services
    - MX4 Pro new life service applications.
    - Create a new calendar accounts belonging living services.
    - New movie theater to buy page to increase.
    - Optimize travel programs to increase the use of third-party maps.

    Security Center
    - New power-saving mode, saving a second limit change "Nokia".
    - Added standby power management, standby lock screen automatically clean up after three minutes back-office applications.
    - New leisure traffic monitoring.
    - Add memory to accelerate desktop shortcut, click rapidly achieve accelerated memory.
    - Close the application since the launch of the new authority, immediately clean up the memory footprint of the application.
    - New traffic daily reminder.
    - Ultimate power saving mode to optimize brightness adjustment.
    - Whitelisting accelerate repair memory problems automatically restore the default settings.

    - New Online ringtone channel.
    - New calls, text messages and other tones configuration capabilities.
    - Download Manager channel additional resources.
    - New theme mash save function.
    - Try the new theme History Channel.
    - New Online ringtone audition transition animation.
    - Live Wallpaper channel optimization experience.
    - After the repair to change the theme back to the default theme change, notification bar always shows "Apply Theme" issue.

    - New Metering separation function, enables individual focus or metering point adjustments.
    - New location setting switch.
    - New viewfinder interface switching mode menu appears to decline.
    - Night mode to optimize the combined automatic mode.
    - Optimize size interactive display.
    - Beauty Mode Beauty optimized to increase the default value.
    - Now click the shutter can not be repaired even take pictures of the problem.

    - Added support for offline viewing cloud within the photo album.
    - Added support for offline editing in the cloud photo albums.
    - Added to enlarge the title bar displays the time + location.
    - Added GIF picture identification, easy to find GIF images.
    - Slow slide to the right after the repair for larger image switches to the next question.

    - MX4 Pro new "online seat selection" channel, watch the trailer at the same time can be a key to buy a movie ticket.
    - Added "Add a local video directory" feature.
    - New video details page supports direct window to switch to the suspension.
    - Increase when the new full-screen player lock screen (unlocked) anti inadvertently mechanism.
    - Personal center optimization optimization hierarchy display, clearer structure.

    - Optimization of individual centers redesign, do not enter the details you can click to play music.
    - New lyrics picture sharing capabilities.
    - Added recently added regression.
    - Added support for folders and subdirectories singles two search methods.
    - New Folder list of songs to add letters navigation bar.
    - New lyrics and cover interface is playing to cycle.
    - Automatic correction function to optimize the lyrics.

    Application Center & Game Center
    - New real-time search hot words.
    - Need to uninstall the new input device password encrypted when applied.
    - New online games, single and reputation rankings.

    - New browser night mode.
    - Added to read the next page and other modes are automatically loaded when you connect in a page.

    Alarm Clock
    - Alarm boot speed optimization.
    - Optimized interface to modify the alarm list, alarm control switch to the right.
    - Optimized alarm reminder next time modify the way the top bar box prompts bomb.
    - Even now the alarm clock to repair the problem.

    - Added support for cloud disk online open function. Music support: APE, M4A, WAV, FLAC, MP3, AAC, video support: MP4, WMV, MKV, PLV, RMVB.

    Voice assistant
    - Add a new voice search application center.

    - New details and card plus mail filtering options.
    - Remove topic search interface optimized classification switch, the default is not classified.

    System Upgrade
    - Added support when fully charged in WLAN environment to automatically download the upgrade package.

    Input Method
    - Optimized input method performance, increase input fluency.
    - Thesaurus can not repair synchronization problems.

    - Replace the paper's new animation.

    - Using a USB Wifi shared network links appear after repair can not access questions to PC.

    Krótkie podsumowanie
    - optymalizacja

    - drobne zmiany

    Co zrobić gdy chcemy zachować aplikacje/sms itd - wszystko jest opisane w

    Jeśli masz zainstalowaną wersję I postępuj według poradnika

    Jeśli masz zainstalowaną wersję A/U/C

    1. Instalujesz wersję 4.0.4.x z linku wyżej
    1. Ściągasz ROM
    2. Przenosisz na telefon
    3. Wchodzisz w aplikację Dokument
    4. Naciskasz na wybrany ROM
    5. Zaznaczasz wipe/clear data oraz dajesz akceptuj
    6. Telefon powinnien się wyłączyć zainstalować nowe Flyme OS oraz włączyć
    7. Gotowe

    Ani ja ani forum nie odpowiadamy za ewentualne szkody. Robisz wszystko na własną odpowiedzialność.

    Edytowane przez Elderbary

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    Mam pytanko. Jak to pobrać? Jak wchodzę to automatycznie przenosi mnie na sklep który jest po chińsku i nic nie można znaleźć. Proszę o pomoc :) 

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    Telefonem ściągnij, mi działa :)

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    Próbowałem wszystkiego. Ciąglę to samo :(

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    Softy dostępne są tutaj:
    Wybierz Flyme OS i naciścnij "Down"

    I byłbym zapomniał  - strona oczywiście jest w "krzaczkach" więc nie zapomij użyć tłumacza! :)

    Edytowane przez czaq7

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    Czy standardowo trzeba najpierw wrócić do 4.0.4x aby zainstalować ten soft, czy mogę go od razu na 4.2.6A???

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    @@Elderbary jak chcesz, to możesz usunąć ten temat i wstawić po swojemu. Ja niestety nie mam na to czasu.

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    @@lukminacja niestety z powrotem do 4.0.4 trzeba. Ja próbowałem z "przeskoczyć" z aktualizacją i wywalało błąd. 

    Nawiasem mówiąc mam wrażenie że niby zmiany w sofcie kosmetyczne, ale w żywotności baterii jakby lepiej. :)

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    Dokładnie, bateria jakoś mniej niknie w oczach:) Na razie mam mały problem z zaktualizowaniem pozycji..

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    Muszę mieć zrootowany telefon, żeby wagrać ten update?

    Czy jest to oficjalna aktualizacja tak jak 4.2.2 ze strony producenta?

    Raczej nie chcę rootować bo się na tym nie znam.

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