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L Speed Tyrant - świetne przyspieszenie systemu

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    L Speed Tyrant


    L Speed - modyfikacja, która zawiera najlepsze tweaki dla Androida. Modyfikacja jest w formie aplikacji (instalowana z pliku apk), posiada interfejs, można wybierać i włączać wybrane tweaki. Wymaga roota i Androida w wersji 4.0 lub nowszej. 


    Modyfikację sam mam zainstalowaną na CM12.1, działa bardzo dobrze, system wyraźnie działa płynniej i szybciej. Na xda również jest bardzo dużo pozytywnych opinii.



    Modyfikacji nie należy używać z innymi modyfikacjami tego typu (może być niekompatybilna), więc przed instalacją należy wyczyścić dla pewności folder init.d, aby to zrobić dowolnym menedżerem plików otwieramy folder /system/etc/init.d i usuwamy wszystkie pliki, które się tam znajdują. Po tym zalecane jest zrestartowanie urządzenia. 



    - Android 4.0+

    - uprawnienia root'a

    - minimum 5MB wolnej pamięci na systemowej partycji



    wersja 1.3.1: pobierz

    wersja 1.3.2: pobierz || mirror

    wersja 1.3.3: pobierz || mirror

    wersja 1.3.8: pobierz || mirror

    wersja pobierz || mirror




    - Bug fix
    - Code optimization
    - IO boost updated
    - Kernel sleepers updated
    - Added Polish translation
    - Other translations updated
    After this update you may lose your settings configuration (Theme settings, advanced UI, and other configurations) please re-setup it again.
    Thanks for understanding



    Added Italian translation
    Added Spanish translation
    Added Indonesian translation
    Added Russian translation
    Added Portuguese(Brazil) translation
    Added Dutch translation
    Added German translation
    Code optimization
    Assertive display updated to v1.3
    GSDF added back
    Added theme switcher
    Design update
    RIL tweaking updated
    Kernel tweaking updated
    Logging updated
    BootReceiver updated,less RAM usage



    Removed algorithm changes in zram
    Zram will take 1/4 of total ram
    Kernel tweaks updated, force kernel to read only one page if using zram or swap, that will help a lot in case that device is under extreme memory pressure
    Changed if statement for swappiness
    Fast charge updated, permission changes added
    Disable logcats updated
    Kernel sleepers updated, permissions are changed to read-only after applying the changes
    KSM updated, time for merging increased to reduce battery draining
    All core tweaks repacked
    Added partition remounting under IO tweaks
    SD tweak updated, readAhead changed to 512
    Swappiness changes added
    Ram profiles updated
    Added logging for selinuix changes
    Fixed selinux switch problem
    Spinner will show current selinux stat on first app load
    Fixed fsync problem with path
    Changed power collapse to enabled, for battery improvements
    Added help menu, this will be helpful for users who want to know more about L Speed
    Added changelog inside about menu
    Added donation button inside about menu
    Added dashboard activity(Battery info, kernel info, memory info, CPU info)
    Removed unnecessary stuff from some activities
    Added on splashScreen, when you launch an app it will update core files on splash screen
    Activities are optimized for weaker devices(less lags in app)
    Grammar fixed (thanks to @F4uzan)
    Strings optimized(preparation for translation)
    Small net buffers updated
    Added zipalign binary ( thanks to @osm0sis)
    Reboot button moved to actionBar
    Google play services drain fix added back


    New UI
    Whole code optimized for better performances in the app
    App has been built with the latest SDK
    Selinux scripts are optimized
    Added labels for every activity in the app
    Changed three basic app colors
    About menu is integrated in the app
    Added a dialog YES/NO when you tap on reboot button
    Busybox updated
    Fixed syntax's in Cleaner.class
    Fixed some code mistakes
    Added support for really small screens(smart watches)
    Added scrollViews on every activity, useful for small screen devices
    Added kill media server now button, this is usefull for some samsung devices who have error on camera "can't connect to camera", also this will help users with media server wakelock. Reason why killing removed from boot is because it's useless
    Fixed script updating for subActivities
    Tweaks reorganized
    Added cardView
    Added widgets for boost now and fstrim now (testing phase)
    Removed useless permissions



    (po angielsku)

    Boost now - Use this to drop caches and slightly boost your device (this give a temporary boost)
    FStrim now - Trimming /system, /data and /cache partition and reduce lags
    Battery Calibration - This option will reset battery stats, read correct values of the battery and show correct battery level
    CPU tuner - CPU power save and governor tweaks
    Selinux - Change seliux status (android 4.3+)
    Cleaner Menu - Use it to clean junk files (.txt .log .tmp), app cache, and much more.
    Seeder - Work with device entropy, aim is reducing lags. (seeder won't work with all devices, that is a fact.)
    Ram manager - Script that manages low memory killer values, now with profiles
    OOM killer - Enable/Disable app killing when device is out of memory
    Cache reclaiming - Controls file system cache, and it's "refreshing" rate
    Cache allocation - Controls how much percent of physical memory can be taken for caches
    Kernel tweaks - Kernel optimizations
    LNET Optimizer - Various Net optimizations
    Disable debugging - This option will disable unnecessarily debuggers and improve battery life and performances
    Disable kernel panic - This will reduce chances of rebooting device when (for example) device go out of ram
    Kernel sleeper optimization - Sleeper Fairness is a concept used by CFS which treat sleeping/waiting tasks as if they were in a run queue. This implies tasks which spend most of the time waiting for an user input and such will get a fair share of CPU when they need it. This in an optimization for battery life in standby mode and also responsive UI.
    1Kernel same-page merging - This option merge same pages in the ram and free it up. (This option will consume a bit of the battery)
    SD Tweak - Increase R/W speed of Internal and external SD Cards
    I/O tweak - Increases the Input/Output speed of overall system and makes your device snappier
    Zipalign - Zipalign is an archive alignment tool that provides important optimization to Android application (.apk) files. Specifically, it causes all uncompressed data within the .apk, such as images or raw files, to be aligned on 4-byte boundaries. The benefit is a reduction in the amount of RAM consumed when running the application
    Fast Charge - Enables fast charging option if your Device/Kernel supports it
    ZRAM - Like a SWAP but this is on ram, (kernel must support it)
    Wifi sleeper - Improves battery life by making Wifi scan less frequently and at particular intervals
    Flag tuner - Disable multitasking restrictions
    Better voice call quality - Aims at improving the In-Call voice quality
    Fix blackscreen issue after call - Fixes (if there) the black screen displayed for a few seconds , after a call, caused often by proximity Sensor
    Improve battery - Various useful tweaks which potentially increases your device's battery life
    Better scrolling - Makes the Scrolling smoother
    Faster boot - Speeds UP the Boot progress among other things while deactivating BootAnimation
    Improve image quality - Sets the Image Quality to 100% by removing the restrictions of many camera apps (EG. Google camera) which only allow middle Quality.
    Faster streaming - Smoother video streaming
    Liquid smooth UI (less lag) - Helps reducing OS Lags
    Disable logcat - This tweak lets you disable logs for a slight boostin performance
    Fast dormancy - The Fast Dormancy technology was introduced to 3G UMTS to save the current consumption of the device by switching between different mobile network modes during poor signal or low signal
    Misc L SPEED tweaks - Miscellaneous tweaks to help improve ur device
    Assertive Display - Assertive display technology is engineered to adapt to variable lighting conditions, so smartphone users who have come to rely on their devices for video entertainment will particularly enjoy the experience it provides. For instance, bright sunlight, glaring screens and light reflections won’t keep you from enjoying your latest e-book download or streaming your favorite movie. Assertive display technology works by adjusting the gamma or color curve for each pixel on the screen individually, taking into account both the content being displayed as well as the presence and intensity of any ambient light.



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    Nazwa tematu została zmieniona zgodnie z prośbą Autora.

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    Czy jest to lepsze od pureperfomance ?

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    Jest o wiele lepsze. 
    Polecam jak najbardziej na CM13 działa super, telefon jest o wiele żwawszy ;) 

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    Piszecie, że żwawszy, no a jak ma się sprawa z baterią?

    I czy ma może ktoś jakiś opis, co każda z funkcji wprowadza nowego? Aplikacja wydaje się być naprawdę przydatna i potężna. :)

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    Na stockowym Romie 4.4.2 też poprawi coś ? Jak to wszystko ustawić ?

    [Dodano: 13 luty 2016 - 14:28]

    Dodam, że mam sporo tweaków w build.prop, rozumiem, że ta aplikacja wprowadza zmiany w build.prop ? Jeśli tak to czy nie będą się gryzły linijki z włączonymi tweakami w tej aplikacji ?

    Edytowane przez Spartan500

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    To chyba nie dla mnie ta aplikacja, jak rozumiem to ta aplikacja wprowadza zmiany w build.prop, które już mam, chyba, że się mylę ?

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    Dołączam się do pytania electromoonster . Jak z baterią ?

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    dodałem w pierwszym poście opis wszystkich tweaków (po angielsku, kto nie rozumie niech wrzuci w translator).

    Co do baterii różnicy nie zauważyłem, ale ja mam baterię 3000mAh, i trzyma mi na niej ok. 5-6 dni więc znacznej różnicy na pewno nie widać u mnie.

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    Potwierdzam, ja na normalnej baterii nie zauważyłem żadnych spadków. 
    Ustawić? Ja osobiście strzelałem. Na pewno polecam ustawić manager ramu na gaming oraz seeder na agressive. Efekty będą na pewno zauważalne, a z resztą kombinujcie. 

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