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[LB/UB][LP] Xperia Z5 STYLE 4.6

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    - Based on the latest Xperia Z1 Compact deodexed base by @Gaurav007, with SuperUserMod and ZipAlign.

    - Implemented with a bunch of updated Sony Xperia Z5 apps, such as Camera, Weather, Contacts, Dialer, some themes, etc.

    - No bloatware: All unuseful Sony apps were removed. The system has been optimized at it's max.

    - Tweaked: Some tweaks have been implemented to improve your Lollipop experience, such as TRIM for NAND, ART Tweaks, and zRAM Tweaks.

    - You can install Xposed on top of it if you want to. Just Google Xposed For Lollipop and follow the steps.

    - Custom ROM OTA Services: A OTA Update system has been implemented, independent of Sony's FOTA, so that I can send you over there the latest patches and updates of the ROM.

    - X-Reality & Bravia Engine 2 come preinstalled to enjoy a better image quality.


    Znane bugi:


    Apart from some faulty camera apps, like Sweep Panorama, and video mode in AR Effect, everything is working as intended.
    Any sporadic bug might be easily solved by reinstalling the ROM, or by wiping Dalvik cache and/or Data.
    For example: Camera app crashes → Wipe Dalvik and it should be solved.



    • All bugs and faulty apps, excepting some Sony camera apps were removed or fixed! (Thanks to some tweaking and modding)
    • Settings app functionality has been extremely improved! Now, the 3 main required-add-ons of the ROM, APN Config, YAAB and OTA Updater have been integrated directly into the Settings, and thus, removed from the launcher to avoid duplicate functions. (APN Config is under Settings → More → Install new APNs, YAAB under Settings → Screen → Automatic brightness, and OTA Updater under Settings → About device → System updates). Also, the Settings icons have been replaced by the new Xperia X ones.
    • New BootAnimations. Yes, you read it well, bootanimations, since now, in the first boot, you'll be presented with a color-changing bootanimation to let you know if the first boot is doing well, or frozen. When first boot is done, it's replaced with regular Xperia X bootanimation, which I'm quite sure you'll love it wink.gif
    • New Android-N-style notification shade and Emojis from Developer Preview 2! As I already previewed some days ago, here you've the flattish Android N style notification shade, plus some new emojis right from Android N, featuring support for Unicode 9!
    • Support for XPERIA Companion (and PC Companion) added!
    • A small Stagefright patch has been applied to the system, to avoid MMS RCEs. For those upgrading from older versions, in order to activate it, please, wipe data of the Xperia Messaging app.
    • New Number Assistant app included, letting you block unwanted calls and SMSs.
    • Updated launcher (Xperia Home 10.0.A.0.40), featuring slide-down-to-search function right from the desktop and app drawer icon rearrange (if wanted).
    • New Xperia X system sounds added, featuring new ringtones and notifications.
    • All System apps, and SuperSU package were updated to it's latest version as of today.
    • And some other things I can't recall right now...





    Link do pobrania:





    Instalacja (zalecana na czysty, świeżo zainstalowany stock 18.6.A.0.182):

    - pobraną paczkę z romem kopiujemy na kartę sd

    - wchodzimy w recovery i robimy kopię zapasową aktualnego romu 
    - robimy Wipe Data, cache i Dalvik cache
    - flashujemy paczkę z romem
    - reboot


    Uwaga! Pierwsze uruchomienie może trochę potrwać. 


    Autorem romu jest użytkownik linuxct

    Link do xda




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