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How To Use Rootkhp Pro To Gain Admin Access

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    <font style=?"> This is about Rootkhp, one of the famous. Android root tool is also available. Admin privileges on Android devices. Hope all the Android users to gain full Admin access to their own Android smartphone including me. Especially if you are an Android 7.O Nougat user, there is no other tool as Rootkhp to use for rooting  . It can be used as a superuser of your inbuilt single click rooting feature.

    Rootkhp Features
    Here are some of the features that are available in this rooting tool.

    • The first good thing is that it's completely free.
    • A Single Click root 
    • Compatible only with Windows PC and nothing else.
    • The updated tool supports more than 1K related OS kits
    • There is no hesitating in front of the rooting manner.
    • Unluckily no Apk file format has officially released.

    How To Download?
     As users, it is always good to download the latest version of an application. Rootkhp version 2.1 is the final version released in January 2018. As many other applications as the suppose to have a windows PC to execute the tool. It is important to take a look at your android. Visit for more details. XDA Guide here

    Rootkhp Install Requirements

    • Download and install the latest USB drivers .
    • Before connecting your nougat device to the PC enable USB debugging.
    • Disable Antivirus software installed on your device.

    Execution Methodology  <font style=?">
    ok, this is the most important part. I already mentioned that rootkhp is a big headache. The nougat handset is the root of your latest Android nougat handset. 

    Step 1: Download Rootkhp to your Windows PC
    Step 2: Then connect the smartphone to the Windows PC (Enable USB Debugging)
    Step3: There is an orange color button named as root. Simply click on that button. Step 4: Root procedure take a little time to wait patiently until receiving a successful message. restart the device. you can use a root checker app to verify the root you had made. Then that's all.  


    Side Note: good to aware that Android rooting is a somewhat risky task. But do not have a heart attack while thinking about your Android brick or something. if you really use trustworthy rooting apps. So guys wish you all good luck. <font style=?">   

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