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    Your All-In-One Guide 
    to WhatsApp Transfer

    Typical Problems You May Face with
    WhatsApp Transfer

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    Can’t Find the Official Ways to Transfer WhatsApp between iPhone and Android
    As iOS is an entirely closed operating system, it is harder or almost impossible to achieve data transfer between iOS and Android, especially for social apps like WhatsApp. Presently, there are no official solutions that supports a direct WhatsApp transfer between iPhone and Android.

    Can’t Get Back the Previous WhatsApp Backup Due to Data Overwriting
    The problem is faced by both iPhone and Android Users. It doesn't matter if you have taken a backup on iCloud, iTunes, or Google Drive - the restoring process would overwrite the existing data, leading to the loss of your WhatsApp chats.

    Must Transfer All Data on iPhone Including WhatsApp Data
    One of the major problems faced by iPhone owners during WhatsApp transfer process is that they have to restore all data at once. When we use iCloud or iTunes to transfer WhatsApp files, it not only takes a long time to finish, but also takes up plenty of space as well.

    Must Reset Phone first in order to Restore WhatsApp Data
    When iPhone users want to restore WhatsApp via iCloud or iTunes, they have to first reset their target phone. This means all the other data on the phone will be erased.

    Explore the Most Comprehensive and Reliable WhatsApp Transfer Solution

    The iSkysoft Toolbox is recognized as a comprehensive and efficient WhatsApp transfer software that enables you to transfer WhatsApp Data easily as you wish from iPhone/Android to iPhone/Android. It offers all-in-one solution to meet any WhatsApp Transfer needs for all kinds of phones with the same or different operating systems.

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