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ROM CyanogenMod 10.1 by albinoman887 [4.2.2][10 Czerwiec]

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    CyanogenMod 10.1 Jellybean 4.2.2 by albinoman887

    Praktycznie w pełni działający ROM oparty o Androida 4.2.2.

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    SD Card
    Native Wi-Fi Tethering
    1080p Video Recording

    Not Working


    * Kernel updated to Linux 3.0.80
    * Bugfix: Incorrect report of data-usage (upstream bug)
    * More Upstream changes - CM-10.1 RC5 mainly
    * Sorry for the delay of relase was enjoying the rare good weather around here 
    * Superuser bug from last release is fixed now
    * Kernel updated to Linux 3.0.80
    * Some upstream changes
    * CM is now RC3/4
    * Really fixed issue with no audio in hangouts
    * Tried to address reboots in last build by reverting the pmem change a week or so ago
    * Many upstream changes
    * Reverted back to Linaro GCC 4.7 (I think it might have been causing some hard-reboots, plus we get better benchmarks with 4.7)
    * Upstream: Updates to audio-caf repo that should fix the issues with the new Hangouts
    * Now CM-10.1 RC2+
    * Various upstream changes (mainly translations and a few minor bug fixes)
    * In very rare cases the framebuffer was being trashed which was causing screen flicker, this is now fixed
    * Fixed bug with homescreen and big margins on clean install
    * Kernel now compiled with Linaro GCC 4.8 toolchain (more optimizations)
    * Upstream Changes: CM-10.1 RC2
    * Kernel: Switched back to PM_MAX (low-power wifi) when screen is off, no real benefit
    * Kernel: Added a couple build optimizations to GPU drivers
    * Kernel: Updated to Linux 3.0.77
    * Upstream Changes (CM is gearing up for RC1)
    * Reverted T-Mobile data drop change to as it caused issues with data. Users who still want this patch can find it in the build.prop as a comment, Delete the # and the above line and save[IMG][/IMG]
    * Fixed a few remaining issues with charging docks
    * Enabled UID stat in kernel, Allows data usage stats.
    * Re-enabled scrolling tweaks
    * Upstream changes
    * Fixed bootloops with charging docks that also have MHL support (no this doesn't fix MHL)
    * Kernel updated to Linux 3.0.76
    * Fixed data drop issue on T-Mobile
    * Upstream changes
    * Minor code cleanup
    * All glitches during video playback fixed (all credits go to arco for finding this fix)
    * Some updates to PMEM driver in kernel
    * Various other updates to kernel from CAF jb kernel
    * No longer using forks of frameworks/native or av due to our patches being merged
    * Upstream Changes
    * Enabled Fast-charge by default
    * Removed debug.composition.type to fix ghosting
    * Tried to address battery drain by reverting the updated battery drivers
    * Re-merged ondemand governor from old kernel (trying to fix battery drain)
    * Kernel updated to Linux 3.0.74
    * Upstream Changes
    * Kernel: Lots of updates to framebuffer from CAF jb-chocolote.
    * Kernel: More updates to vidc from CAF kernel.
    * Kernel: Spped optimizations and tweaks, minor but noticable
    * Bugfix: Tearing
    * Various Upstream Changes
    * Switched debug.composition.type build.prop setting back to "dyn" (seems to save battery)
    * Display: Display repo is now real cm-10.1 source just with pmem support added back in (old repo was cm10 code)
    * Display: Tweaked auto-brightness ranges, and added an extra step, seems to save battery
    * Media: Media repo is now real cm-10.1 sorce with pmem support
    * Kernel: Updated KGSL/adreno drivers(caf) for repo with new display repo
    * Kernel: Updated genlock(caf) for use with new display repo
    * Kernel: Sweep2wake hack added (should fix freezing touch screens, (to a point, not completely)
    * Kernel: Switched ondemand governor back to one included in msm8660 kernel (was using old one)
    * Kernel: Updated to Linux 3.0.73
    * Credits: All credits or the display/media updates goes to arco
    * Upstream Changes
    * Bugfix: Tried to address remaining lag issues by tweaking kernel (all changes listed here were in my kernel test build)
    * Kernel: Reverted mpdecision to old version
    * Kernel: Reverted patch to force GPU to scale one freq at a time
    * Kernel: Removed duplicate dynamic fsync procoess
    * Kernel: Set readahead buffer back to default (128kb)
    * Kernel: silenced some useless logging in DMESG
    * General Upstream Changes
    * Bugfix: all lag should be gone now, somehow the build was curupt
    * Bugfix: logcat spam of HWC_FRAMEBUFFER_TARGET
    * Bugfix: 3D GPU OC wasn't being set correctly because there was a missing chmod line, added.
    * Switched back to gpu.composition.type to gpu, its the defualt in 4.2 and has best performance
    * Switched to audio-caf variant (repo) I fixed the VOIP bug with it before. hopefully this will fix the "robotic" calls some people have (audio also seems to be a higher volume)
    * Tweaked the display repo to help with video glitches
    * Kernel: KGSL updated to CAF (seems to give better gpu performance, and higher benchmark) (credis: midnight88)
    * Kernel: adreno updated to CAF (more up to date) (midnight88)
    * Kernel: msm updated to CAF (midnight88)
    * Kernel: some upstream patches to vidc (jb-mr1-chocolote) CAF
    * Kernel: properly added Sweep2Wake
    * Optimized the kernel a bit more
    * Lots of upstream changes. (pretty sure M3 was tagged)
    * maybe some other litte things I forgot, check github [IMG][/IMG]
    * Kernel: Complete rebase off of msm8660-common kernel, All the speed and features of my original kernel are still there, just streamlined for easy merging of new caf stuff
    * Kernel: updated to Linux 3.0.72
    * Kernel: Updated vidc drivers to jb-chocolote from caf (1/2)
    * Kernel: Updated vidc drivers to jb-mmr1-chocolote from caf (mr1 = aosp 4.2) (2/2)
    * Kernel: Updated adreno drivers (note: we are still using old libs)
    * Kernel: Updated bluetooth to jb-chocolote from caf
    * Kernel: Updated qdspv6v3 to jb-chocolote from caf
    * Kernel: Added USB HID support to kernel
    * Kernel: Added USB OTG to kernel
    * Kernel: Added updated mpdecision by showp1984
    * Display: hwcomposer updated to 1.0
    * Display: kernel now correctly reports refresh rate to gralloc
    * Display: Allow to build with MDP-4.1 (somewhat fixes video artifacts)
    * Switched composition.type=dyn to mdp in build prop
    * Updated vidc firmware to match new vidc in kernel
    * Updated liblights
    * Fixed build.prop so GooManager will notify of new versions
    * Lots of upstream Changes (check gerrit for details)
    * Bugfix: Upstream: cLock: switched to new API (old one was taken down???)
    * Cleaned up kernel config script
    * Bugfix: Fixed HWC in framebuffer target logcat spam
    * Bugfix: blending in video playback bug has been somewhat squashed, not 100% yet, tested with BSPlayer
    * General cleanup
    * Added x264 1080p video recording and camerawrapper commit from gerrit
    * Thumbnails for recorded videos are now fixed
    * Increased wi-fi scan interval a bit
    * Fixed disapearing OSD in video player etc (no need to disable h/w overlays)
    * Cleaned up display-legacy repo
    * Upstream Changes
    * Added setting to allow lockscreen to rotate (disabled by default) you must uncomment the lockscreen_rot_override line in build.prop
    * Upstream: Removed Pie settings for devices with hardware keys
    * Other upstream changees. Check for details
    * Switch to PM_FAST when screen is off
    * Frameworks/av is now 100% CyanogenMod (cyanogen added legacy camera prarms so evervolv cherry picks are not needed)
    * Host of updates to media and display
    * Upstream Changes
    * Reverted change to PM_FAST as there was no benefit and comsumed more battery
    * Added lazy and conservate CPU governors to kernel
    * Raised Volume levels a bit (thanks erraggy)
    * Tried to address video tearing (not completely gone)
    * [URL=""]Upstream Changes[/URL]
    * Sorry completely borked the audio_policy.conf, fixed now [IMG][/IMG]
    * Fixed GooManager not notifying about updates, After this build install it should notify you
    * Re-enable FM Radio (got lost in merge)
    * dalvik cache is back in cache now
    * Kernel base updated to Linux 3.0.70
    * [URL=""]Upstream Changes[/URL]
    * Merged my device tree with Team-Hydra repo, All future roms will be based on this, Check OP for details
    * Updated Kernel base to 3.0.69
    * Added frandom support to kernel for people who want it
    * Switched to PM_FAST in kernel (high power wi-fi when screen is off)
    * [URL=""]Host of upstream Changes[/URL]
    * Cleanup
    * [URL=""]Upstream Changes[/URL]
    [B][U]Mar-14 (internal)[/U][/B]
    * Upstream Changes (mainly translations)
    [B][U]Mar-13 (internal)[/U][/B]
    * Re-added a couple build.prop settings (mainly data/network related)
    * Disabled libv8 optimizations since we don't have the correct qcom props (thanks intervirgil)
    * Forgot to change governor to ondemand when i added back the configs for it in the init script
    * Cleaned up the sweep2wake configuration
    * Changed kernel version string back to ChronicKernel, Kernel is so heavily modified now it deserves it's own name
    * Upstream: frameworks/base: Added Volume Tile to Quicksettings
    * Upstream: Phone: Settings: do not override network mode on read
    * Upstream: cLock: Fix error when the weather data from Yahoo is incomplete
    * Many upstream translations changes and other small things not worth listing here
    * Reverted the removal of CPU min/max freq, CPU gov, and I/O (ondemand still default)
    * Upstream changes
    * Updated kernel base to Linux 3.0.68
    * Removed settings from kernel init script that can be configured in CM's Performance settings menu
    Note: init script still sets min cpu freq to 384mhtz as its still strongly advised
    * Set default governor to ondemand
    * Added support in kernel init script to enable tun.ko
    * Upstream changes. I think there were some updates to DeskClock (alarm clock) and a few other minor updates
    * Fixed video recording with FFC. If you still get Force Closes clear data and cache for Gallery
    * Imported bruce's media_codecs.xml and media_profiles.xml (this is what fixed FFC video recording)
    * Minor upstream changes
    [B][U]Mar-8 (Internal)[/U][/B]
    * Fixed Volume Rocker Wake not showing in Settings>Display
    * Reverted CRT Hack in kernel - Not needed for cm-10.1
    * Now using Team-Hydra display-legacy and media legacy repos as they are maintained
    * Switched to Team-Hydra frameworks/av repo as it has a more complete Camera patch
    * Merged new KGSL from bruce's kernel
    * Upstream Changes including new weather icons for cLock
    * Minor cleanup and changes
    * Wallpaper reseting to default should be fixed (I guess this was a side-effect of small PMEM MDP)
    * Minor tweak to pmem to fix AOSP_BASE growing into framebuffer (very rare that this would happen anyway but fixed)
    * Switched back to the other display-legacy and media-legacy repos i was using as they are being kept up to date by the maintainer
    * Upstream changes
    * Finally figured out the math behind mapping pemem so I could increase its size without trashing FrameBuffer
    * Soft-reboots should be gone now due to the PMEM increase
    * A Couple cherry-picks that might help with video playback (probably not though)
    * Upstream: Switched to new superuser by koush
    * Other upstream changes I don't remember. Check Gerrit for details.
    * Updated kernel base to Linux 3.0.67
    * Switched to badass for default governor
    * Full GooManager support
    * Cleaned up kernel defconfig and disabled a few more un-needed debugging options
    * Upstream: Brightness tile (toggle) fix
    * Cherry Pick: Camera: add exposure and JPEG quality settings to video camera
    * Cherry Pick (Update): Camera: add much more scene & focus modes
    * Other upstream changes not listed here, Mainly translations
    [B][U]Mar-2 (internal)[/U][/B]
    * Reverted all the pmem changes, Can't reporduce gralloc crash anymore with latest upstream changes, it seems
    * Enabled libv8 Optimizations
    * Switched to new display-legacy and media-legacy repo's, fixed video thumbnails not working correctly
    * Upstream changes
    * Ok 3rd times the charm: Fixed display glitches [IMG][/IMG]
    * Fixed gov for 2nd cpu not being set
    * Added Goo Manager
    * Lots of upstream changes
    * Really fixed the display glitches introduced in last build (thanks NLJ)
    * Re-enabled sweep2wake in kernel (still disabled by default) as NLJ's fix as become more stable
    * Re-enabled lagfree cpu governor and VR I/O scheduler
    * Some upstream changes
    * Upstream Changes: Mainly translations and one fix for the pull down notifications (very minor, mainly when clearing notifications when there is only one)
    * Re-added ROM specific changelog to build (got lost during merge to 4.2.2)
    * Fixed display glitches from the last build
    * Upstream changes
    * Tweaked low-end cpu voltages a bit to try and fix soft-reboots when waking the device
    * removed the two highest freq's as thats a little high for a stock kernel
    * Switched back to GZIP compression because it now confrimed LZO has no performance boost and makes a bigger kernel which takes longer to boot, S-ON lingeer'rs give hhis a try please maybe we will be lucky
    * Removed VR I/O scheduler
    * Possibly fixed the gralloc errors errors (and subsequent reboot) by increasing pmem size in kernel (thanks bruce)
    * Switched back to audio-legacy to try and address gtalk video chat issues
    * Further trimmed the kernel to hopefully reslove bootloops for the stragglers
    * Kernel now compiled with a linaro Cortex-a8 optimized toolchain
    * Remozed lagfree gov
    * Some upstream changes, Mainly framework
    * Switched to RIL legacy to try and fix carrier issues (this is how it is in bruce's repo)
    * Really fixed bootloops
    * Forgot to merge upstream changes for Camera in last build
    * Tried to resolve bootloops for some people
    * Uploaded a number of test kernels if there are still issues
    * A decent about of Upstream changes
    * Kernel now based on bruce's branch
    * merged voltage table from ChronicKernel
    * Merged changes from sultan kernel to compile with linaro
    * Disabled ZRAM and KSM
    * Fixed Sweep2Wake (thanks NLJ)
    * Disabled some kernel debuging
    * Added max screen off freq config in kernel init script
    * Added SIO, User configurable GPU OC, Fsync control
    * Minor Upstream changes
    * Fixed FFC (Front Facing Camera)
    * Fixed Superuser
    * Updated Kernel
    * Upstream: HDR Camera
    * Increased headset playback volume
    * A few upstream changes
    * ChronicKernel: Updated base to match the latest Sultan kernel
    * ChronicKernel: Bumped up CPU Voltages by 25mV, hopefully will solve soft-reboots for some people)
    * Updated Camera to match upstream (forgot to merge the changes for 4.2.2)
    * Possibly fixed Camera auto-focus (let me know)
    * Optimized build thanks to some commits on gerrit
    * Full device tree based off or CyanogenMod repos
    * Vendor tree now based off of bruce2728's vendor repo
    * Upstream Changes
    * Bugfix: Keyboard lag is gone, was a upstream fix
    * More upstream changes
    * Re-added one more build.prop tweak (let me know)
    * Minor Upstream changes/fixes
    * Re-enabled a couple build.prop settings
    * Upstream; Updated to VOSP 4.2.2 base
    * ChronicKernel: Revert Update to Linux 3.0.63
    * Brought msm8660-common device tree inline with dastin1015;s
    * Slimed down system.prop a lot to somewhat match bruce's tree, see how this does
    * No longer build with audio-legacy use CM display-caf source
    * No longer build from Evervolv/display-legacy, use dastin's repo instead
    * Removed un-needed settings in
    * Brought pyramid device tree in line with bruce's
    * ChronicKernel: Set the readahead back to default AGAIN (i'm done touching this lol)
    * Reverted a build.prop setting that might be related to the decreased battery life
    * ChronicKernel: Removed KSM (Better performance)
    * ChronicKernel: Removed ZRAM
    * ChronicKernel: Enabled 2-phase ondemand governor (as in Bruce's Kernel)
    * Set default CPU Freq back to 1566mhtz (honestly runs better at this freq)
    * ChronicKernel: Updated to Linux 3.0.63
    * ChronicKernel: Set readahead to dynamic value (32>512)
    * ChronicKernel: Set vm_swappines to 0 (not using swap by default so no reason to have it at 60)
    * Tryed to fix clock drift by changing timers in Kernel
    * Some minor upstream changes (mainly translations)
    * ChronicKernel: Reverted readahead buffer back to default
    * Added a few missing build.prop settings. May help battery and odd carrier issues
    * Upstream changes
    * Added one more scrolling tweak to build.prop
    Note: For the best battery life i recomend badass with max freq at 1566Mhtz. I got over 24 hrs with a decent amount of use with this setting, but the default are still good and give the best performance.
    * Upstream: Added FM Radio Support
    * ChronicKernel: Camera flash disabled if battery power is less then 10%
    * ChronicKernel: Removed smartassv2 Governor (I don't even think this works with our device)
    * ChronicKernel: Now using LZO Compression. Little slower boot (on the HTC splash) but much faster overall
    * ChronicKernel: While booting CPU FREQ is set to 1512Mhtz for faster bootup
    * ChronicKernel: Updated the 89kernel init script (now named 99kernel) The only features that were working were GPU OC)
    * ChronicKernel init script: Added user-configurable CPU Min/Max Freq
    * ChronicKernel init script: Added user-configurable default GPU Governor (diabled by default - will choose internal kernel value)
    * ChronicKernel init script: Added user-configurable default I/O scheduler (deadline, CFQ, SIO, VR)
    * ChronicKernel init script: Fixed ZRAM Enable/Disable Config (disabled by default)
    * ChronicKernel init script: Fixed bug where if you didn't have badass set as default in the 99kernel it would fail to set your desired BadAss Config setting
    * ChronicKernel: Increased readahead buffer to 1024. Seems to spped up I/O operations and app loading, tell me what you think
    * Moved the scrolling tweaks to the bottom of the build.prop so there is no chance of them being overidden
    * Bumped CPU Max Freq up one step. Lets see how the battery does
    * Removed all prebuilt moden firmware (thanks dastin1015) I have known about this issue for awhile now and i think it might fix a lot of strange issues of soft-reboots and odd carrier behavior
    ** Note: For the best battery life I recomend badass, but ondemand is still default as it is the snappiest
    * Build GPS from CM source (locks a lot better now, it seems)
    * Upstream Changes
    * Really Fixed GPS soft-reboot
    * Reverted: Upstream: Squashed commit of GPS changes from CodeAurora (does not play nicely with sensation)
    * Switched back to gps-legacy
    * Removed CMUpdateer (our device can't use this)
    * Added additional changelog information about ROM-specific changes (can be viewed in About Phone)
    * Fixed GPS Soft-reboot
    * Fixed FC when long-pressing an app
    * Upstream: Squashed commit of GPS changes from CodeAurora
    * General upstream changes
    * Fixed GPS not working from last build
    * No longer build from gps-legacy, use CM source
    * Upstream: Contacts: Lots of clean up and optimization
    * Other upstream changes I am not listing here. Check gerrit for more details
    * Kernel: Added mpdecision fix for freq <384hmtz (still not not advised) credits: android1234567
    * Kernel: Updated to Linux 3.0.62
    [U][B]Feb-4 Build 2[/B][/U]
    * Fixed pinch to zoom for camera (all credits go to tarfu)
    * New kernel base
    * User Configurable GPU Overclock. (/system/etc/init.d/89kernel)
    * Removed Sweep2Wake
    * CPU Overclockable to 1.94Ghtz
    * Undervolted CPU a bit more
    * Kernel now compiled iwith Linaro
    * Added scrolling build.prop tweaks
    * Increased Wi-Fi voltage
    * Upstream Changes
    * Cherry picked commit for Contects that will maybe improve scrolling
    * Native WiFI tether works
    * Preliminary FM Radio support
    * Upstream Changes
    * Overall snappier do to optimization
    * Reverted native tether fix to fix the SSID scanning
    * Removed bcmhd module from device tree as its in kernel
    * Upstream changes
    * Fixed LocationProvider Wakelock
    * Fixed 1080p video recording
    * Fixed Native WiFI Tethering (have only tested with unsecured network)
    * Upstream Changes
    * Updated local_manifest.xml for people compiling from source (will soon just start hosting it on github)
    * Really fixed GPS
    * Fixed WiFi Tethering (Barnacle only))
    * Cherry picked a bT patch for 48 htz playback
    * Fixed volume
    * Removed mpdecision (kernel has this)
    * Updated build.prop to be in-line with bruce and others
    * Anyone who was having slow data should be fine now
    * Updated kernel to Linux 3.0.61
    * Sweep2Wake disabled by default (could very well be cause of batt drain and sensor issues)
    * Probably some other changes I forgot
    * Fixed GPS
    * Possibly fixed Bluetooth Issues
    * Upstream Changes
    * Removed Evervolv default wallpaper (i'm an idiot)
    * Cleaned up code (reverted some changes by Evervolv)
    * Tryed to fix the bugs with bluetooth but have no device's to test it with
    * Upstream Changes as of 11am PST
    * Fixed some Display glitches
    * Removed thermald.conf to match bruce's branch
    * Switched Kernel base - (OC/UV - Thanks bruce)
    * Upstream changes
    * Fixed Camera
    * Fixed Signal Strength icon
    * Re-added Torch
    [B][U]Jan 24[/U][/B]
    * initial build.




    Kernel now based on sultan kernel by android1234567 with a few changes by me, including:

    * Reverted GPU Bandwith increase
    * Disabled sweep2wake (doesn't play nicely with our ROM)
    * Reverted 1.62Ghtz L2 cache
    * Set ureadahead to 1024 (seems to run better with our ROM, and its the default for a lot of other custom kernels)
    * Set flash to disable if battery is below 10% to prevent the random shut-off when taking a pic

    These settings were changed by me to help make the kernel more stable with our ROM, observed with tests by me. If you want more features of the Sultan kernel feel free to flash it, but support will not be provided in this thread.

    Other Features of the kernel include:

    * zImage compressed with L2O Compression. This means a faster kernel. There is a catch though, the phone sits on the HTC boot splash for a few more seconds, but once booted it pays off. Users of Sultans-kernel will used to this.
    * OC to 1944 mhtz (default 1602mhtz)
    * Undervolted
    * ZRAM (disabled by default)
    * Compiled with linaro
    * User-configurable CPU OC
    * User-configurable CPU default governor (ondemand = default)
    * User-configurable I/O scheduler (default = SIO)
    * User-configurable badass gonvernor (default = balanced)
    * User-configurable GPU OC (Not OC'd by default)

    You can edit many of the settings in /system/etc/init.d/99kernel, here is a snippet of the script with all the config options


    * MHL doesn't work
    * Sweep2wake sometimes causes issues with the proximity sensor during calls


    * As of Feb-19 CyanognMod changed the way the reboot menu works. To enable the "Advanced Reboot" menu with recovery and bootloader go to Settings>Developer Options and Check Advanced Reboot

    * As of AOSP 4.2.2 ADB now has a whitelist feature. On first connect with adb it will say device offline You need to update your ADB then with the phone connected. Disable and Re-Enable Android Debugging in the Developer Options menu. It will ask if you want to accept and show the PC's RSA key. Select Yes and it will now work as expected

    * If your homescreen does not look right (big margins) go to System Settings>Launcher>homescreen[/b] click Stretch screens. Then choose grid size and set rows to 5.[

    * As of AOSP 4.2.1 Developer Options and Performance setting menu options are hidden until you go into about phone and tap build number repeatedly (aprox. 6 times) this only needs to be done once

    * If you are having a lot of soft reboots when waking the device set you min CPU freq. to 384htz in Performance settings. (What? no Performance settings? ummm look up hehe)

    * If you are coming from another ROM i highly recommend you perform and Wipe Date/Factory Reset in recovery menu when applying this ROM.

    * The gapps linked to does not have photosphere. As far as i know it's not supposed to. If you want photophere search for the flashable zip

    * If you can't get MMS to work. Send yourself a MMS. or just wait a day. eventually they will work again

    * For the best battery life I suggest the stock settings with the exception of the ONDEMAND governor. Switching to BADASS will yield best battery results





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    Łapanie ostrości w wideo jest ?

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    @Kacpi ciężko powiedzieć. Sprawdzałem i niby jest ok. Aby być pewnym musisz sam sprawdzić - nandroid, kopia zapasowa i flash nowego ROMu. Jak się nie spodoba to wracasz do kopii.

    @szos jest całkiem stabilny. Mam go od wczoraj i poza drobnymi zakłamaniami w wydajności nie mam większych problemów.

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    W CM od Bruce miałem masakryczną aktywność telefonu nawet przy wyłączonym ekranie (wakelock BT?). Na tym ROMie jest wszystko ok:


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    @Kacpi ciężko powiedzieć. Sprawdzałem i niby jest ok. Aby być pewnym musisz sam sprawdzić - nandroid, kopia zapasowa i flash nowego ROMu. Jak się nie spodoba to wracasz do kopii.

    Ziom, spokojnie. Nie siedzę w tym od wczoraj. Sprawdzę dzisiaj.

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    Znacie może jakiś sposób na wyłączenie widgetów i aparatu w lockscreenie? Btw. nie wiem jak u was, ale przy próbie zmiany tapety przez galerię wywala się interfejs, musiałem zainstalować zewnętrzną żeby zadziałało.

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    U mnie działa. Spróbuj wyczyścić cache galerii. Jeżeli to nie pomoże to Full Wipe.

    Na wszystkich innych wystarczy nacisnąć i przytrzymać palca - zmniejszą się i na górze pojawi się: X Usuń

    Dla aparatu mi to jednak nie działa, więc przyłączam się do pytania jak usunąć aparat z lockscreena.

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    ROM działa. Menu płynne, szybkie. Jest ok. Temple Run 2 przycina, za to minus.

    Przy próbie odpisania na SMS telefon się zrestartował, a po włączeniu wyświetlił komunikat, że mam uszkodzoną kartę SD. Pomógł na nią tylko i wyłącznie format.., bez możliwości zrobienia kopii. Super.

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