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[JB] Xperia D 4.1 for Defy+/Defy - Xperia for Motorola [AROMA INSTALLER] [Playstation certified]

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    :::::: Wprowadzenie ::::::

    Xperia D to zbiór modów, który stworzony został by dać Ci jak najwierniejsze doznania Xperii na Twojej Defy!

    ROM opiera się na CM10 od Quarxa - kompatybilność z obiema soczewkami. Korzysta także z ext4

    "Zrobiłem ten ROM tylko dla zabawy, ale myślę, że jest wystarczająco dobry by się nim dzielić." ~ mato_d007 (autor ROMu)

    :::::: Tweaki ::::::

    • Xperia Z leaked launcher fully functional
    • Xperia Z widgets: Toggles, Weather, Top Contacts, Notes, Xperia Select widget, Walkman widget with particles effect, Album, Clocks, Calendar, Torch... etc
    • Xperia Z/T Wallpapers
    • Xperia T JB Keyboard (with swype, and many options)
    • Xperia T JB appearance
    • Sony Facebook integration fully functional (like a song in walkman, see your friends songs, see your online photos in album, etc) aka social engine (also twitter integration)
    • Xperia Apps (Album, Movies, Walkman, Lounge, Calculator, Calendar, Notes, Sony select, etc)
    • Walkman player with plug ins (Youtube, google search, Wikipedia) and:
    • - Clear Audio+
    • - Clear Bass
    • - Clear Stereo
    • - Clear Phase
    • - Dynamic Normalizer
    • - xLoud (Activated by default) can't settings xloud
    • - Surround Sound VPT
    • Iphone animations
    • Crossbreeder 1.31.13
    • Xperia JB bootanimation
    • Bravia Engine 2 for Album & Movies (Only Actived on Album & Movies) <--- Hi, im a placebo
    • Aroma Installer
    • Socialife
    • Small apps
    • Xperia Z lockscreen fully functional
    • See changelog for more

    :::::: Instrukcja ::::::

    Wgrywamy tak samo jak CM10:

    1. Pobieramy i kopiujemy najnowszą wersję na kartę SD
    2. Uruchamiamy defy w trybie recovery
    3. Robimy Wipe data i Wipe cache
    4. Klikamy install zip from sd card
    5. Klikamy choose zip from sd card
    6. Wybieramy paczkę z ROMem
    7. Wybieramy Yes - Install update
    8. Czekamy chwilę aż instalacja dobiegnie końca *WAŻNE - NIE RÓB WIPE PO INSTALACJI ROMu*
    9. Uruchamiamy ponownie telefon
    10. Czekamy 5-10 min
    11. Przeczytaj wskazówki kilka linijek niżej!
    12. Enjoy!

    :::::: Porady ::::::

    -Ustaw wszystkie 3 prędkości animacji do 0,5 x w ustawieniach

    -Wybierz tło "Xperia" z Karty pamięci/Galerii tapet (Chodzi o to, aby wyglądał bardziej jak Xperia Z)

    -Nie dotykaj niczego w ustawieniach wydajności, prawdopodobnie spowoduje to lagi, a domyślam się, że tego nie chcemy

    -Po instalacji ROMu mamy mało miejsca, więc nie instaluj "śmieciowych" modów.

    -Nie instaluj Seederów, crossbreederów, spowoduje to opóźnienia w pracy systemu.

    -Po zainstalowaniu PS Mobile, utwórz konto USA na "Sony Entertainment network"

    -Przy pierwszym uruchomieniu, gdy dodajesz konto google nie zaznaczaj "przywróć dane z mojego konta google" - spowodowałoby to, że telefon wykrywany byłby jako tablet.

    -Use Greenify

    :::::: Screenshots ::::::


    :::::: Changelog ::::::

    Xperia D 4.1

    -Modded system settings to include the lockscreen settings when Xperia Z lockscreen is used. No more awful app drawer shorcuts to change lockscreen background.

    -Changelog inside the ROM added on "aboout phone" menu.

    -Removed CM statistics option on the settings.

    -Re-made preconfigurations to fix sms bug (hopefully)

    -Setup wizard is back and it will be triggered again on first boot to make easier the language selection

    -Added Small apps as a separated add-on because needs to be instaled after the first boot. Warning: Experimental! Sometimes they close because of the low ram available.

    -Battd from Xperia D 3.4

    -New Xperia Z LTE fingerprint (C6603 model)

    -Fixed animations not being applied

    -New Google Play 4.0.25

    -Fixed some problematic wallpapers

    -New Walkman from Xperia Z (includes "Trow" (DLNA) but its not working on Defy yet, blame the base ROM and wait for Quarx to fix this)

    -Removed some ringtones and sounds to make some space on /system for the new walkman

    -Cleaned many things on installer script

    -Updated Adaway to 2.3, Greenify to 1.7 beta 9, Better battery stats to and CM file manager backported from the latest Quarx build (Includes Theme support and better translations)

    -Changed some things on Aroma installer: Custom profile is now called "Personalized" and its highlighted.

    -Updated Facebook, Twitter and call recorder

    -Zipaligned every app from everything on the rom and the mods

    -Added Socialife, "the new timescape" You can discover your favorite news, videos and social networking feeds in one place. Only on "Personalized" and "Full" profiles. Warning: Experimental! some times just does not update, delete data al log in again. Also consumes a lot of RAM like timescape, good work Sony.

    -Jelly Bean Gallery icon is now not being themed so it will be easier to diferenciate when cutting a background for the lockscreen (Only Sony´s album can make it as i stated on the tips section)

    Xperia D 4.0

    -Fixed Defy+ battery not charging up to 100%

    -Tweaked simunlock to avoid no signal after a reboot happening randomly

    -Removed BM Memfree tweaks, that was killing the launcher

    -Improved dialogs and descriptions on aroma installer, better internal order too

    -Updated Greenify to 1.7 beta

    -Reboot after instalation on aroma now actually reboots and dont go to bootmenu

    -Hided standard gallery icon is now optional, and its visible by default

    -Added GPS fix selection on Aroma (for every continent and most of the countries) taken from JB multipack by tantrums (credits to him)

    -TrackID from market again (this version updates more frequently)

    -Fixed some aesthetics on installer

    -Notification pull down dim effect

    -Sony torch widget (hided icon so there is only one torch but two widgets)

    -Fixed error -21 when installing some apps like facebook or twitter

    -Updated both themes (normal and dark)

    -Notification background transparency selectionable on aroma (85%, 90%, 95%, and 100% of opacity)

    -Added as optional on aroma Better battery stats xda edition by chamonix (please support him)

    -Tweaked instalation profiles

    -Deleted Setup Wizard

    -Better pre-configurations

    -Fixed screen off animation not showing, by setting window animation speed to 1x by default

    -Xperia Z lockscreen fully funtional (music and camera widgets) with landscape support. -Change the lockscreen wallpaper by using the "lock screen" app on app drawer-

    -Updated Gmail, Google Now, Twitter, Youtube and Chrome

    -New Logo, bootanimation and aroma installer animation designed by the amazing artist Vicky-nyan. Go to her Deviantart here.

    -Modified some of the Xperia Media

    -Less-agresive HWA disable profile

    Xperia D 3.5

    -Removed Dalvik cache mover script from BM tweaks, hopefully this will fix the "invalid package file" bug when intalling many apps. Thanks to pranks1989 for pointing this out.

    -Added BM Memfree tweaks

    -New Album & Movies apps from Xperia Z

    -Fixed FC when sharing on Album

    -Added battd binaries from MS4ginger to reduce battery jumps (not eliminate them)

    -Added Greenify as optional on Aroma (very recommended)

    -Added instalation profiles on Aroma installer, now you can do a quick install with just 1 tap. Profiles: Full, Minimalistic, Recommended and Custom

    -Added an optional automatic full wipe for both ext 3 and ext 4 formats on aroma (custom profile only)

    -Tweaked Social engine to work with and without timescape and the new album

    -New TrackID from Xperia Z

    -New Keyboard from Xperia Z

    -New Timescape version with recent calls and messages feed

    -Added Xperia Events to timescape

    -Added new Advanced Xperia Launcher 2.0.5b by ra3al. Optional on Aroma (custom profile only)

    -Now Exchange services and e-mail client are optional on Aroma (more free ram if you dont use them)

    -Added a song to test Walkman sound enhancements: Niway - Dubstep Game Medley (Under CC licence from Jamendo) all credits to the author, please support him.

    -Updated Xperia Lounge

    -Hide gallery icon so there is only one album app (sony one). You can use the camera to acces the standard gallery if you want. (This is only with 4.1 camera)

    -Cleaned aroma scripts


    Xperia D 3.4

    -New Google play services (fixes FC when installing/uninstalling apps)

    -Updated SuperSU

    -Added and option to change device fingerprint between Xperia Z (recommended) or Defy+ (choose this if you have problems with Whatsapp detecting your phone as a tablet)

    -Automatic cache wipe after instalation

    -Added an option to Sim-unlock the phone on Aroma -WARNING- its unstable and produces bootloops some times (specialy on first boot, remove battery and restart the phone in those cases) Not recommended.

    -Updated Sony Select

    -New Deskclock (Clock/Alarm app) fixed by YetAnotherForumUser (only the 4.1 version is fixed).

    -Backported Quarx new camera app, with better performance. It re-opens faster when you close it.

    -Added Optional Wallpapers

    -New method to patch framework when iphone or fancy animations are selected

    -Updated Twitter, Smart connect, TrackID, Adaway

    -Added Chrome as optional on Aroma

    -Added Call recorder app optional on Aroma

    -Pre-configured lockscreen wallpaper from Xperia Z

    -Animations speed set to x0.5, activated press back to kill app and disabled adb notification by default.

    -Added an option on Aroma to activate Navbar (on screen buttons/soft buttons/Navigation bar) and automatic disable capacitive buttons and their backlight.

    -New music visualizer app for Walkman from Xperia Z: No more FC and better performance. It works 100%

    -Timescape is back! this time fully functional with Facebook and Twitter integration and all the widgets. Optional on Aroma.

    Xperia D 3.3

    -Fixed translations error

    -Make calendar optional

    -Added an option on Aroma to select a bootlogo:

    *Original Sony bootlogo

    *Motorola red, white and blue

    *Keep current logo

    -Added as optional JB 4.2 Clock

    -Added Sony ICS SketchEF fonts as optional on Aroma

    -Updated Facebook

    -New Google Play services (with new features)

    -Corrected some typos and errors under the hood

    Xperia D 3.2

    -Added Xperia Z camera sounds

    -Updated SuperSU and Youtube

    -Added a new optional dark theme for those who dont like the white dialer (this one is dark gray)

    -Cleaned updater script

    -Added both 4.1 and 4.2 native keyboard to choice on aroma

    -Added an option on Aroma to choose transition animations between stock Jelly Bean, Iphone and Fancy.

    -Added PlayStation mobile and maked Defy a certified Playstation phone

    -Added an option on Aroma installer to pre-disable HWA for many common apps

    -Fixed the bug where a selected ringtone for a particular contact will not be saved

    -Added an option on Aroma installer to lock phone app on memory

    -Updated Google Play to latest version (3.10.14)

    Xperia D 3.1

    Same as 3.0 plus:

    -Aroma installer instalation steps reduced

    -Remade from scratch to make some cleaning

    -Deleted Korean Nanum fonts

    -Updated CM File Manager

    -Added an option to select 4.1 or 4.2 camera on aroma installer

    -Remaded iphone animations

    -Added an option on Aroma installer to make Crossbreeder optional, so you can install seeder if you dont like it

    -Cleaned and fixed many things on installer script and aroma config script

    -Fixed music visualizer random FCs

    -Fixed Facebook music like FC on Walkman

    -Improved Social engine

    -Fixed 3-way reboot not working on 3.0

    -Fixed some missing permissions

    Xperia D 3.0

    -Better toggles on notification drawer

    -Aroma installer: now you can decide how much bloatware you want, and keep more free ram.

    -New (optional) Xperia launcher by ra3al, based on Xperia T stock launcher, but with many customization options.

    -Updated SuperSU, terminal emulator and google maps

    -Fixed FC on Sony´s power widget (works only on Xperia launcher by ra3al)

    -Added Android 4.2 photo editor, no more FC when you press the edit button. But it will FC when you hit save, so dont use the editor yet.

    -Added Xperia Car Home

    -Added Brainmaster Tweaks: zipaling, move dalvik cache, build.prop tweaks, etc. (Kayant´s version)

    -Pre-disabled HWA for many common apps

    -Free RAM after a reccomended instalation around 220mb

    Xperia D 2.5

    -Totally redone from scratch using new base: 20130117 UNOFFICIAL CM10 developed by Quarx and compiled by Sevenrock (thanks to both of them) this build has been reported better with battery magnament and "ringtone bug"

    -Updated launcher (now is more smooth)

    -Updated widgets

    -JB 4.2 Camera with disabled photosphere (editor is not implemented, will give you a FC)

    -Improved speed

    -Improved location detection

    -Updated Sony Select

    -Removed K9 mail (is only used by timescape)

    -Lockscreen wallpapers from Xperia Z will be installed on sdcard

    -Xperia Landscapes (a bravia engine demostration video) also on sdcard

    -Free RAM after a clean instalation 180-200M

    Xperia D 2.0.1

    - Customized bootanimation

    - Added SuperSU, replacing Superuser for better root magnament

    - Added new Sony apps: TrackID, Xperia Link, Smart connect, Walkmate, Xperia Share, Power saver <---- Yay! more bloatware

    - Removed sony´s torch app (CM10´s torch is more useful)

    - Fixed "Updating-Android-on-every-boot" bug

    - Added Xperia T JB system sounds and fonts

    - Modified build.prop to make it look like an Xperia T (now you have VIP access on Xperia Lounge and Sony select) *you will see your phone as an Xperia T on Googleplay*

    - Updated Social Engine (new Twitter integration)

    - Replaced Sony´s calendar with Google´s

    - Added new widgets: timer and world clock

    - Added Xperia play Tetris

    - More wallpapers from Xperia T JB

    - Implemented Timescape, but with limited functionality. No facebook or twitter (not compatible with JB, but works fine on CM7 when i tested).

    - Timescape Call log, messages, K9 mail and news feeds works.

    - Fixed timescape annoying slow opening

    - Timescape is provided as an add-on in a separate flashable zip, because is a very RAM hungry feature and i not recommend to use it (it makes the system laggy). In fact, i think its useless, but its just my opinion.

    - Updated Weather widget

    - Build.prop tweaks:

    Increase photo and video recording quality

    Increase jpg quality to 100%

    Enable Quick Power-On mode to reduce boot-time

    Phone Ringing Delay set to 0

    Enable Adaptive Multi-Rate Wideband

    3G tweaks

    Conect speed tweaked

    Lock Launcher on memory

    Net Speed tweaks

    Better scrolling

    Better streaming

    - Fixed red lens camera problem

    - More things that i dont remember

    Xperia D 1.0

    - Initial release, based on Quarx CM10 20130110 nightly

    :::::: Download ::::::

    NOWA WERSJA -Xperia D 4.1 - 487MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony, "Xperia media" na karcie SD + KERNEL

    NOWOŚĆ -Small apps dla wersji 1.0


    Google Drive

    MD5: 01271BBF330EF442D4830D82FF876FEC

    Instrukcja instalacji Small appsów:

    -Najpierw wykonaj pierwszy rozruch telefonu (jeśli wgrasz small apps od razu po instalacji romu, telefon złapie bootloopa)

    -Wrzuć paczkę na kartę pamięci

    -Reboot w recovery i zainstaluj.

    -Zaznacz "install" by zainstalować ad-on

    -Możesz użyć tej samej paczki by odinstalować ad-on zaznaczając "unistall" w Aromie

    NOWA WERSJA -Xperia D 4.0 - 485MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony, "Xperia media" na karcie SD + KERNEL

    Xperia D 3.5 - 457MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony, "Xperia media" na karcie SD + KERNEL

    Xperia D 3.4 - 435MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony, "Xperia media" na karcie SD + KERNEL

    Xperia D 3.3 - 390MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony + Media Xperii zainstalowane na karcie SD


    Xperia D 3.2 - 388MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony + Media Xperii zainstalowane na karcie SD

    Xperia D 3.1 - 312MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony + Media Xperii zainstalowane na karcie SD

    Xperia D 2.5 - 303MB, zawiera gappsy, społecznościowe aplikacje Sony + Media Xperii zainstalowane na karcie SD

    -Xperia D 2.0.1 - 276MB, zawiera gappsy i społecznościowe aplikacje

    -Xperia D 1.0 - 245MB, zawiera gappsy i społecznościowe aplikacje

    XDA: [ROM][JB] Xperia D 2.5 for Defy+/Defy - Xperia for Motorola - Now with Timescape - xda-developers

    Ode mnie słów kilka:

    Nie róbcie wipe po instalacji ROMu, ponieważ wymaże to potrzebne dodatki. Full wipe przed instalacją jest oczywiście zalecany.

    Testowałem ten rom tylko przez 1 dzień, ze względu na to, że moja defy jest niedyspozycyjna. Tak czy siak, rom jest świetny i godny polecenia.

    Testujcie i dzielcie się swoimi opiniami!

    [table=width: 400]

    Gdy macie FC zegara, należy wyczyścić jego dane: Ustawienia -> Aplikacje -> Wszystkie -> Zegar -> Wyczyść dane.


    GDY CHCEMY POWRÓCIĆ Z TEGO ROMU (np. na cm7.2/miui):

    Bootmenu>>Tools >> File System Tools >> Format DATA and CACHE to ext3

    trzeba chwilę poczekać, następnie

    Go Back >> Recovery >> Custom Recovery

    w Recovery wybierz

    Instal zip from sdcard >> chooose zip from sdcard >> i wskaż plik z ROMem, który chcesz wgrać

    WAŻNE - po zrobieniu Format DATA and CACHE to ext3, nie robimy ŻADNYCH wipe w recovery.

    Go back >> Reboot Now

    Gdybyś nadal miał/miała problem/pytanie odsyłam do F.A.Q!

    Ps Serdecznie prosiłbym o nie informowanie o aktualizacjach - jestem na bieżąco i codziennie sprawdzam aktualizacje ;)

    Chuck Norris approves! a8)


    Edytowane przez aston78
    Nowa wersja

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    O nareszcie coś nowego, zaraz wrzucam na swoją defy (zielone oczko) i niebawem podzielę się opinią ;)

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    Wlaśnie miałem zakładać taki temat i aston78 mnie uprzedził ;D

    Rom testuje kilkanaście godzin i wygląda ciekawie. Szczególnie klawiatura jest fajna z porządnym polskim słownikiem i dobrze działającym swype. Poza tym launcher ma miłe dla oka animacje i wigdety. I w ogóle dużo dodatkowych aplikacji (niekoniecznie jest to zaleta).

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    Mam ten ROM od wczoraj i bardzo mi się podoba, kolory jakby mi się poprawiły:) oprócz tego ma bardzo ciekawe widgety jak Google Now oraz najczęstsze kontakty. Ładnie wygląda też aplikacja Walkman do obsługi muzyki, generalnie ładna kopia tego co zobaczyć można np. w Xperi J. Jak narazie zostaje przy tym ROM-ie, wydaje mi się jakby szybciej działał od standardowego 10.1 Quarxa.

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    Na jb quarxa a można wiedzieć którego? 10.01 czy tego nowego 17.02?

    Wysłane z mojego MB526 za pomocą Tapatalk 2

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    Obecna wersja pracuje na 10.1

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    a jak z baterią

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    Na 10. 1?

    A na jakim kernelu?

    Wysyłane z mojego MB526 za pomocą Tapatalk 2

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    jakieś inne linki ?? bo mi żaden nie dziala>:(

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